Male for female companion services
Male for female companion services

Male for Female Companion Services – Boyfriend Experience


Some women find the surroundings of my studio “clinical.” I am not surprised. It is set up to be  professional and predictable. Most women desire and expect it to be something clean, beautiful, safe and professional. These things seem to also equate to clinical.

The environment has a tendency to also color the activities that can transpire within them. It can be hard for some women to feel into their libido when the room is too clinical even if the activities are not.

This is where we consider other kinds of encounters. Maybe something feeling more like a “date.” We call this male companion services or a boyfriend experience. My partner calls it mind sex. Well actually she calls it something a bit more graphic than that but we can get to those kinds of words, later on in the conversation. So male for female companion services is a bit of a catch all term for all kinds of things you might like to do with a male companion if you had one that you could do anything you want with.

Straight Male Companion

Maybe you really want to have some company for dinner, drinks, a movie, or some other social activity. Someone to talk to and stimulate your mind and creativity. Maybe a movie on your couch as I rub your feet and stroke your legs or face or hair. Or maybe someone to cook dinner with and have some wine.

What is a male companion?

The possibilities are almost infinite. For whatever reason, finding me is a good option in your life. I’m not here to critique your relationship status. I’m here to fill in where you need me to. To be that surrogate guy in your life for a few hours. To help meet some needs of talk, touch, and intimacy.

You can find all kinds of naughty physical activities that I love to participate in here in this site or one of my other sites, but it’s actually a bit harder to describe or provide videos of all the possibilities you might have in mind for a male companion.

Recently one woman asked me if we could go for a long drive in her car and she would be wearing a dress. “Can you finger me and play with my pussy while we drive?” (I love this one btw.) Of course. How fun! Another woman loves naked pillow talk. Another likes to be fingered under the table at a restaurant, bar, or movie theater. As long as we don’t get arrested.

You get the idea? I may be the most unconventional, out of the box, open to new adventures guy you may ever meet. I love and appreciate creativity. In the 20 some years I have been doing this kind of ‘work’ I have come to understand that women are way more sexually expressive than most men realize.

I love that women are as naughty as I think I am. But I’ll admit, I am still pleasantly surprised to discover some new adventurousness that vibrant women wish to play out. I am always surprised to have a client find me that wishes to experiment on me. I mean I’m here to please women. But for some women, getting to please a man or practice her pleasuring skills is what she is looking for works for me too.

Role play Scenarios

So that brings us to role play. Besides the ideas of male companion or boyfriend experience, what about those other fantasy items that you have been too nervous to ask for. I hear so many women wanting to let go and just be slutty. I get it! Maybe that’s not a term you like, but I’m not afraid to say it because I know how many women think it, but are afraid to admit they like the idea. It’s okay, I certainly don’t judge. I’m here because I want to play your naughty games with you!


Maybe you want me to bring another client that likes to play with girls. I’ll admit, this is currently a little harder and will take a bit more planning. I know several clients that are looking for girl, girl or girl, girl, guy experiences so let me know if this appeals to you and we can see who is available. An occasionally I have an extra guy around that wants to engage in some MFM activities.

Generally the idea of this page is to open up some possibilities that you might not have at the moment. I can’t list what they are because there are too many. I rarely am asked for anything that I have to decline. As long as it’s safe, fun and healthy, please feel free to reach out and ask for what interests you.

Additional articles, stories, fantasies and content that may be relevant for Male for female companion services.

Specialist for Women

Sensuality Specialist for Women

It helps me to feel more empowered while dating. I’m very grateful for this yoni massage specialist for women as a sexual outlet while I am single. I’ve learned so much about pleasure in general from my experiences with the yoni massage therapist. So much key awareness around the nature of pleasure, and how to receive it fully in my body. I fully recommend this experience to learn more about your own body’s relationship to pleasure.

Vagina Anatomy

I want to learn about my Vagina Anatomy

After discovering this service, I went back multiple times to feed this desire for surrender, and to simply enjoy being pleasured by someone who knew what he was doing. I’m so glad I searched for yoni massage places so I could learn more about my vagina anatomy through that specific frame. Yoni massage became a valuable addition to my sex life, and something that I gave to myself when I felt like I was particularly in need of sexual release.

Erotic Massage Therapy Seattle

Erotic Massage Therapy Seattle

I will never deny my deep desire for pleasure and passion, again. It is built into who I am, and yoni massage was an incredible way to explore what is possible for me in this realm. I’m really glad I found an erotic massage therapy Seattle based place so that I could connect to my passion again.

Yoni Massage Seattle

Yoni Massage Seattle

I highly recommend seeking yoni massage therapy, and the local yoni massage Seattle based place, as a way to expand into the areas of your sexuality that seem out of reach to you in your current situation. It’s a beautiful opportunity for self-exploration.

Yoni Massage Therapy

Yoni Massage Therapy

It was also amazing how easy it was to trust the yoni massage therapist to touch me in a way that I enjoyed, and to not take advantage of me in any way. It was an easy experience to lean into. I went back several times to enjoy more of the same treatment. I’ve actually found it to be incredibly supportive since I have been single. I highly recommend trying the yoni massage therapy experience.

Yoni Massage Lynnwood

Yoni massage Lynnwood

Having this beautiful pleasure outlet has also allowed me to be much more selective in my dating experience. It makes it easier to stick to my standards when I am not feeling needy or desperate for physical attention. Providing myself with these yoni massages keeps me in a state where I am able to interact with men from a neutral place, with my eyes open to whatever they are bringing to the table.

It helps me to feel more empowered while dating. I’m very grateful for this yoni massage Lynnood experience as a sexual outlet while I am single.

What are themes?

Massage Themes. Themes are sessions that revolve around a more detailed interest than simply a generic term like “sensual massage.” Between what you are seeking, and what I have identified and interests that many women find fun, interesting or exciting, there are dozens of variations and an infinite number of combinations of possibilities of what can be done.

Male for female cuddle session

Male for female cuddle session

Multiple levels of Male for female cuddle session... So, cuddling can be a great place to begin your adventure, especially if you are nervous. It can also be a great activity for singles or touch deprived women. Schedule your cuddle session today.

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