How to be the best Hes ever had Teach Me How to Please Men
How to be the best Hes ever had Teach Me How to Please Men

Teach Me How to Please Men

For 22 years I have been helping women better understand the multitude of ways they can please men. It started with a course called “101 Ways to Drive Man Crazy With Your Hands.” The feedback I received from women was fantastic! I had to put a caution label on it to not use these techniques on men you aren’t planning on keeping long term. Good sex is so compelling that men will go out of their way to keep it.

My latest course is called “The Best He’s Ever Had.” You can read all about that course here.

The idea of our courses is that you can watch a video, simply do to your partner what you see being done in the video and learn 100’s or even 1000’s of new techniques that you can use, not just with your hands, but with your mouth, genitals, other body parts, or even toys. It’s not about what you do, its way more about how you do it and why we do what we do when we do it.

Of course I teach men what to do to you in “The Best She’s Ever Had” too. In that course I teach him how to be present with what is going on with your genitals. It feels amazingly connected. I have to mention here, that for your guy to be willing to take the time to lavish sensual pleasure on you, you have to be willing to help him understand how amazing that feels. That’s’ why I highly recommend you take the course the same time he does.

Your Sexy teachers first advice

There is something called the law of reciprocation. In this case is means that if you can get him off in 3 minutes, his responsibility to reciprocate is only 3 minutes on you. Now you and I both know that is not going to work for you. So suffice it to say, that if you want him to spend 30 or 60 minutes on you, you may have to reciprocate and possibly (probably) in advance.

Romantic Porn Videos Teach Me How to Please Men

So you may be wondering… What could I do to him for 30 or 60 minutes? Control – Deprivation – Ecstasy. You want the same things. You know it, but he might not get it yet. Guys think they just want to orgasm. Often that is because they have not really experienced romantic quality sexual experiences that have lasted more than the amount of time it takes to orgasm.

I teach you how to slow things down for him. Show him how amazing it feels to endure pleasure for a longer period of time. Control his pleasure so that you get him on the brink of orgasm and keep him there. This is virtually how to multiple orgasms for men. I teach you how the penis actually works so you can be creative and effective. I explain common mistakes that so many women make that makes pleasing him much harder work for you. Ill make pleasing him easier and more fun.

How to masturbate men videos

He will be begging for more. That’s Ok because I will also show you how to satisfy him so deeply that he can feel satisfied for longer periods of time.

This course will put you in the top 1% of women as far as sexual skills, even if you have no experience with men whatsoever. It is packed so full of amazing tips and tricks that it will take months just to try them all 1 time. What is really fun is that all the techniques I show you can be mixed and matched with every other technique. That means the number of combinations you can be creative with and try are infinite. You’ll be keeping him guessing for years!

How to make men cum

I also offer in person consulting and for those that need more details, hands on instruction. If that is too personal, an in person demo can be arranged.

Can men have multiple orgasms?

Absolutely! Men can have hundreds of orgasms. But there is a lot to this. You have to distinguish between orgasm and ejaculation or climax. They are not the same thing. Men’s pleasure isn’t a lot different than yours. We have orgasmic contractions just like you do. In my courses I teach you how to recognize them, control them and make the most of them.

A huge benefit for you is, that more he feels the sublime intensity of being slowly controlled the more likely he is to reciprocate and slow down for you. Let me help you and your partner get to the next level of sexual pleasure.

We make it easy to pleasure men sexually

What we have for you is what we call “follow along videos.” What that means is you simply play one of our instructional demo videos on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, and do to your partner what you see being done in the video. The idea is to replicate it as close as possible. We do it this way to get you to try things that feel really amazing that you don’t ordinarily try because they are not intuitive.

The truth is our belief systems about how to please men sexually is contaminated with social idealism that isn’t near as good as it could be if we weren’t influenced by it.So Im going to teach him how to do amazing things to you, and of course teach you how to do amazing things for him. See the courses below.

Can I Experiment on You?



Learning to please a man

For years, women have  been allowing me the opportunity to improve my skills at pleasing them sexually by letting me “practice” on them. I’ll admit this has been incredibly exciting for me. Practicing sexual pleasure techniques on someone that you are  not at risk of “breaking up” with drastically changes the dynamic of practice.

It never occurred to me that in some ways I was possibly being selfish for not having a more available opportunities for women to practice and learn with me on how to really satisfy your man in bed. My presumption was that women would probably only want to practice with their partners. But about half of all the women that visit me for a female sensual massage are single. Others have other reasons that hey need a surrogate practice partner.

So if you are in the greater Seattle area (or in the winter months Florida) and wish to have a practice partner to acquire first hand experience on how to please your man, you can use a link below to schedule a session or ask questions relative to the types of practice you wish to engage in.

If you are outside of the Seattle area, use this link to discuss the possibilities of having me come to your city

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