I Found a Sexy Man who Loves to Sext With Me

I have been looking for a sexy man who loves to sext with me for quite some time. It’s a special talent, being able to put sexy words together, to talk dirty to me in a way that I am deliciously turned on by. I love when a man will sext with me for long drawn out conversations, getting into the juicy details of all the fantasies I have on my mind.

I absolutely love hearing what a man wants to do with me in bed. When he chooses to sext with me, I love to know all the little details about what turns him on, what he likes to do, sexually. I love feeling like the object of his lust. And I love when he likes to ask me questions about what I want to do with him.

It’s rare to find a man who is verbally talented enough to sext with me. Most don’t enjoy the game nearly as much as I do, or they don’t have the desire to get into the details as much as I like to. When a man has a gift with words, it really stands out to me.

I found a man online who loves to talk dirty, and said he would be like to sext with me. I gave him my number, and we planned to talk that evening. I set myself up in a cozy spot, with something enjoyable on the TV, ready to focus on playing in a conversation with him.

When I received his first message my whole body lit up with a thrill of excitement. This felt incredibly taboo. He was messaging me, purely to talk dirty. And I just had a feeling in my body that it was going to be good.

What came through when I found an exciting man to sext with me:

-What are you up to? – he said.

-Just relaxing, and waiting to talk dirty with a sexy man – I said.

-What got you interested in talking dirty with me? What made you want to reach out?

-Honestly? I’ve been having a difficult time feeling sexually stimulated… nothing turns me on enough. I’m craving something out of the ordinary.

-Well I can certainly give you outside the box… tell me… what turns you on, baby?

-Me? Well… I like a man who takes what he wants.

-What does that mean? Do you enjoy a bit of a sense of violation?

-I guess so…. I never really thought of it like that, but I guess I enjoy it when a man treats me like he owns me, or like he’s entitled to me because he thinks I’m sexy.

-Interesting… so you enjoy feeling objectified… You like being reduced to a sex object?

-Mmmm I guess it’s true… I like when a man thinks in terms of how he wants to use me, how he wants to penetrate me.

-Do you care about dick size? Do you crave a man of substantial size?

-No… I don’t care. As long as I can feel he’s there, it’s more about whether he can fuck me properly – with passion and gusto.

-What kind of encounter are you craving? It sounds like you enjoy rough fucking…

-Something kind of intense… I am bored with the usual opportunities presented to me. I want to enjoy something that inhabits more of the fantasy realm.

-There are lots of things that are intense… would you prefer something that is physically intense? Or emotionally intense?

-I think I would prefer emotionally intense, for this encounter.

-Beautiful… so what kind of things affect you intensely, emotionally.

-Betrayal, is a big one.

-Ah, yes. Betrayal. Would you like for me to play a role in which I betray you?

-Yes… I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but there is a part of me that is attracted to the idea of betrayal… both emotionally and physically.

-I could tell that about you, from the start. How does that make you feel?


-Good. I will enjoy taking advantage of you, sweet one. I’m guessing that counts as betrayal. Now lie back for me, in your sweet, vulnerable nakedness, and let me take you in, in your openness and vulnerability.

-Okay… I will lay back and get comfortable and give you a chance to take me in.

-Good girl… I want to explore your whole body with all my senses… will you be a good girl and lay back and let me take you in?

-I’ll be good, I swear.

-Good… I want to breathe you in… I want to take in your womanliness and dive into your sacred juiciness. Have you let anyone else touch you in your private places, sweet, juicy girl?

-Only a couple boyfriends have touched me there, played with me there… I don’t understand why so many people are obsessed with those areas. They don’t excite me that much.

-What if I could show you different? What if I could show you how those places are a source of an infinite amount of pleasure? When I’m done with you, you will be craving for me to come play with you in ways that others can’t hope to hold a candle to?

-What do you mean? Do you think you can make me come? That isn’t something that has been easy for me in the past.

-That all comes down to comfort… relaxation… ease…. Do you feel like you can fully relax with someone? Because the state of being fully relaxed enables the state which allows for massive orgasms…

-I’m cringing with embarrassment a bit… that is a lot of vulnerability…

-You can relax into a sense of safety with me… I can start off by giving you a nice, relaxing massage that will help your body awaken to all the pleasure that’s possible. I can tease you a bit, touch you in naughty ways that give you that feeling of being taken advantage of. Do you like having your nipples touched?

-I have very sensitive nipples… I like to have them lightly pinched and twisted, yes.

-Good… while I’m teasing you I will take one of your nipples into my mouth and gently flick my tongue over it. I bet your nipples talk to your pussy when they are played with the right way.

-Mmm Yes… sometimes when my nipples are played with I can feel it down in my pussy.

-I bet you get nice and juicy wet when you are teased properly. Do you enjoy sucking a man’s dick?

-I don’t mind doing it… It turns me on if I know I’m turning a man on. Why, do you like to have your dick sucked?

-I do… would you like it if I just placed it in your mouth? How would you react?

-I would lick it and suck on it gently and give it little kisses, to start. And I would probably play with your balls a bit with my hand.

-Good girl. I love a sweet little blow job. What would you think about licking me while I lick you?

-I think I would try my best, but it would be hard not to be distracted by what you’re doing to me. Do you like going down on a woman?

-I absolutely love tasting a delicious little juicy wet pussy. I love sticking my tongue deep inside, licking all around, sucking on your rock hard clit. Would you like it if I did that to you?

-Yes… I’m getting juicy just thinking about it…

-Good girl. Now tell me… how do you like to get fucked? Do you like it nice and slow and sensual? Or are you the type who likes it rough? I have my guesses…

-Obviously, I like it a little on the rougher side, with my fantasy of betrayal and violation – ha! I like to be pounded into submission.

-That is delicious. I love giving it my all, while hitting all the spots that so desperately need some stimulation. Tell me… where do you want me to cum, when it’s time? Inside? Pull out and spray all over you? In your mouth? What turns you on most?

-I want you to cum inside me, even though I tell you not to. That is a delicious feeling of betrayal… I want to have orgasms and pleasure with you, and then I want you to betray me by cumming inside me though I’ve said I don’t want it.

-You really are a naughty little girl… I love how kinky that is. I think you and I would have so much fun playing this fantasy out together, don’t you? I’ll be touching myself tonight, thinking about touching you….

We went on to have many other conversations about other fantasies I’d been harboring. They were really playful conversations, and I got off a lot on the way that he liked to play with my fantasies. It has definitely been a connection that has fed me sexually, and encouraged me to further develop in my fantasy realm. I’m so glad I found him to sext with me.

Note: Sexting / texting is a fantasy outlet. Nothing said in a text will necessarily be considered permission to do a particular activity unless you make it expressly clear that said activity is what you are wanting to happen. The idea of sexting is to feel into your real fantasies in a safe environment. It is common to sext and fantasize about activities that might be outside of either one of our actual boundaries. If we sext before your session, bear in mind that when we first meet, I will basically ignore our sext converstion and begin with the basics for your session. If you wish to engage some of what was sexted, you may do so. But I will refrain from proceeding until you give me express permission for any activity. 

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