Yoni Massage Therapy
Yoni Massage Therapy

How Yoni Massage Therapy Helped Me Explore Sensory Deprivation

The idea of being deprived of my sight while receiving pleasure had always excited me. Many times I had sat with the fantasy of the anticipation I would feel having been deprived of my eyes to inform me of what form of pleasure or sensation was to come. How my heart rate would quicken, and my breath would catch in my throat. How my skin would prickle and buzz as every sensation was heightened. I was very excited to learn I could experience this during yoni massage therapy.

I was turned on by the amount of trust and surrender it would take to engage with someone intimately that way. The idea of extending that trust to someone, fully believing that I would enjoy all that was to come, that I was safe to lie back and receive it, allow it to happen… it was always incredibly erotic.

I lusted after the idea of a man who could command my pleasure in a way that it felt delicious to surrender to. To lie there, uncertain of where he is or how he plans to touch me or with what… It was hard for me to imagine anything much more erotic.

Now, unfortunately, I had really struggled to find a man that I felt comfortable doing this with. I had been single for many years, dating a few men off and on, but it was a challenge for me to get comfortable with someone enough to get intimate, let alone get into the complete surrender involved in being blindfolded and touched.

The one time I came close to proposing the idea to a man I was dating, he responded with insecurity when I suggested to him that maybe there were some new things I would like to explore in the bedroom. He worried about whether what we had been doing, what he felt he was capable of, had been enough for me. Well, that killed that.

I really thought it was possible I was going to go the rest of my life without getting to experience this fantasy, until I discovered the existence of the local yoni massage therapist via his website. My eyes were opened, in a big way.

On this website, I learned that a service existed that was dedicated entirely to women’s pleasure, and that women had complete freedom of choice when it came to the desired service. There was a long menu of suggested experiences that could be requested during a yoni massage therapy service. There was a basic erotic massage, there was anal massage, breast massage, penetration with toys, double penetration, and the list went on and on.

And I saw it… receive a yoni massage blindfolded.

A little light bulb went off above my head the moment I saw that. I just knew that this was my opportunity to experience this fantasy. I knew that this was the way that I could ask for what I wanted, without all of the silly relationship dynamic stuff involved in the connection. It could just simply… be about my pleasure, and what I wanted to experience.

Curious about yoni massage therapy?

When I made my first appointment, I was beyond excited. I just had a feeling deep in my gut that I was going to have a wonderful time fulfilling this fantasy, and it was going to go well.

When I arrived at the appointment, the yoni massage therapist and I sat down to discuss my desires. He specifically wanted to know what I did and did not want touched. I told him I was open to being touched anywhere, that I wanted to be surprised, I wanted it to feel unpredictable, with my eyes covered. He told me he was happy to provide what I desired, and he invited me to undress, and lie face down on the massage table.

I felt comfortable with him, which really surprised me given that it had been so difficult for me to get comfortable with men I had dated. His energy felt steady and safe. And I really felt like I could believe him when he assured me that he was only interested in providing me with the pleasure I desired.

The first thing he did was bring out a blindfold, and have me raise my head so that he could tie it over my eyes. I lowered my face into the face cradle and he began to lightly run his fingers over my entire body. Grazing me, from head to toe, dipping down my sides, and the insides of my thighs.

The fact that I couldn’t see where he was or what he was doing made the whole thing feel incredibly exciting. I felt so vulnerable, laying in this space of trust with him, putting myself in a position where he could technically do whatever he wanted.

He pulled my feet wider on the table, one at a time. Suddenly I was aware that I was very exposed. I knew he had a full view of both my pussy and my butt. He slid his fingers up my inner thighs, up along my pussy lips, and up through my butt crack. Then he jumped up to play with my hair a bit.

Being unable to predict where he was going to touch felt incredibly erotic. My breathing increased, and the sensation on my skin anywhere he touched felt heightened. My body buzzed, and craved more of his touch.

He moved from stroking my hair and massaging my scalp down to sensually rub my feet, and in between my toes. Then he grabbed what I could only guess was a feather, and he ran it between my toes, then up the backs of my thighs and over my butt.

At this point, I was going a bit crazy with anticipation. I wanted him to touch my pussy, and I wanted all of the pleasure I felt building in my body to culminate in a big orgasm. I wanted him to make me come.

But clearly, he was going to make me wait. He teased me a bit longer while I was on my front, then he asked me to flip over onto my back so he could tease the front of my body.

I flipped over, and he pulled my legs wide on the table again. This time, I felt even more exposed with my breasts visible and my legs held wide open. He traced the feather around my breasts, across my chest and down my neck. He very gently started tweaking my nipples with his fingers while also swirling the feather around.

Without my sight, I melted into a space of pure pleasure sensation, where my mind was able to fully absorb every ounce of pleasure energy moving through my body and across my skin. Intense heat and moisture was building between my legs. I desperately wanted to be touched there.

He finally obliged and began gently grasping my clit. The amount of pleasure was immense, yet not enough to build me to orgasm. It was an incredible tease. He lightly ran his fingers down my pussy lips, just lightly dipped into my vaginal opening, and then tickled my clit a bit more.

At this point, my hips were bucking, trying to move my pussy closer to his hand, and I was absolutely dying for an ecstatic release. I wanted his finger to penetrate me, and I wanted him to rub my clit until I had a huge release. It was driving me absolutely crazy that he was moving at such a slow pace, but I couldn’t argue that what he was doing was building more pleasure sensation in my body than I had ever experienced at once before.

He finally seemed ready to urge me all the way to climax, and he began to rhythmically push a single finger against my g spot, while his other finger moved my clit from side to side over my pubic bone.

I begged him to go faster and harder and rode his pelvis with my hand as my body drove itself closer and closer to climax. It was like my body was using his hand to get itself off. As I came my entire body radiated with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure energy. I had aftershocks moving through me for minutes afterward.

It was absolutely incredible to experience just how much my sensational pleasure was heightened when I lost my sense of sight. I could feel every touch, every bit of sensation so much more than when I could predict what was coming. It was a level of sexual excitement that I had not experienced previously.

It was also amazing how easy it was to trust the yoni massage therapist to touch me in a way that I enjoyed, and to not take advantage of me in any way. It was an easy experience to lean into. I went back several times to enjoy more of the same treatment. I’ve actually found it to be incredibly supportive since I have been single. I highly recommend trying the yoni massage therapy experience.

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Specialist for Women

It helps me to feel more empowered while dating. I’m very grateful for this yoni massage specialist for women as a sexual outlet while I am single. I’ve learned so much about pleasure in general from my experiences with the yoni massage therapist. So much key awareness around the nature of pleasure, and how to receive it fully in my body. I fully recommend this experience to learn more about your own body’s relationship to pleasure.

Sensuality Specialist for Women

Vagina Anatomy

After discovering this service, I went back multiple times to feed this desire for surrender, and to simply enjoy being pleasured by someone who knew what he was doing. I’m so glad I searched for yoni massage places so I could learn more about my vagina anatomy through that specific frame. Yoni massage became a valuable addition to my sex life, and something that I gave to myself when I felt like I was particularly in need of sexual release.

I want to learn about my Vagina Anatomy

Erotic Massage Therapy Seattle

I will never deny my deep desire for pleasure and passion, again. It is built into who I am, and yoni massage was an incredible way to explore what is possible for me in this realm. I’m really glad I found an erotic massage therapy Seattle based place so that I could connect to my passion again.

Erotic Massage Therapy Seattle

Yoni Massage Seattle

I highly recommend seeking yoni massage therapy, and the local yoni massage Seattle based place, as a way to expand into the areas of your sexuality that seem out of reach to you in your current situation. It’s a beautiful opportunity for self-exploration.

Yoni Massage Seattle

Yoni Massage Lynnwood

Having this beautiful pleasure outlet has also allowed me to be much more selective in my dating experience. It makes it easier to stick to my standards when I am not feeling needy or desperate for physical attention. Providing myself with these yoni massages keeps me in a state where I am able to interact with men from a neutral place, with my eyes open to whatever they are bringing to the table.

It helps me to feel more empowered while dating. I’m very grateful for this yoni massage Lynnood experience as a sexual outlet while I am single.

Yoni massage Lynnwood

What are themes?

Massage Themes. Themes are sessions that revolve around a more detailed interest than simply a generic term like “sensual massage.” Between what you are seeking, and what I have identified and interests that many women find fun, interesting or exciting, there are dozens of variations and an infinite number of combinations of possibilities of what can be done.

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Multiple levels of Male for female cuddle session... So, cuddling can be a great place to begin your adventure, especially if you are nervous. It can also be a great activity for singles or touch deprived women. Schedule your cuddle session today.

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