Clitoris massage
Clitoris massage

Rub My Clit – Clitoris massage

Rub my clit? I love your boldness already. 

Everyday I work with women to encourage them to ask for what they want and need. Then here you are asking Google, and thereby the world, to rub your clit. You are miles ahead of your fellow women.

Even so, was it still difficult to type in rub my clit? Were you both nervous and excited to contemplate what you might discover? I know it is still challenging for me to ask someone to stroke my penis, even though I work on women’s bodies every day. 

So what makes it easier to ask someone, “Will you rub my clit?” Or maybe will you give me a cervix massage? First of all, you need a partner, but  around half the population is already in a relationship. That gives you a 50% chance of finding a partner, and the percentages go down as you won’t be compatible with most. 

Ask Your Partner – “Will You Please Rub My Clit?”

Next, you have to be courageous enough to ask your partner to rub your clit. I say courageous because so many people are selfish with their willingness to pleasure their partner that we eventually become resigned to assuming that for whatever reason, they won’t. In our busy world, it has become too much to ask your partner to rub your clit or god forbid, ask for nipple and clit massage!

Does He Even Know How to Rub Your Clit?

It doesn’t help that men are severely under informed about where and what your clit is, how it works, how to be in the right spot with the right pressure, using the right speed, and enough lubrication. So here’s the rub – pardon the pun – guy’s wont want to rub your clit if they feel like they aren’t doing it right. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves by our lack of knowledge about your body. Our ego will never let us go there. 

One of human being’s biggest fears is to be sexually inadequate. To avoid the discovery of our inadequacy, we employ coping mechanisms. The #1 coping strategy is avoidance. It goes like this: If he makes you wait long enough to rub your clit, you will be so anxious or even desperate, that anything he does will be good enough for you. 

Let Me Rub Your Clit or Teach Your Partner How to Do It

I’m near Seattle WA for outcall or Lynnwood for incall and in the winter Coco FL. If your circumstances allow you to have me rub your clit, come on in for a sensual massage session. I’m at Lynnwood, just east of I5 and the North of 164th. If you want your partner to watch, this can be a way to get him interested in trying new things and practicing them more often. This sensual massage is also fantastic for opening a new level of sexual gratification and talking about each other’s needs.

Can I Rub Anything Else for You?

Quite often, clit rubbing alone is not enough to accomplish orgasm. G-Spot massage can certainly add a boost to your arousal and lubrication. If penetrating touch is not your thing, then labia and introitus massage is delightful for some women, alongside clit massage or maybe breast massage.

If you do like the sensations of penetration, I can do an amazing therapeutic vaginal massage or rub the walls of your vagina while rubbing your clit. Vaginal massage can also include cervix touch and massage. And for more adventures, women also love anal massage to compliment the clit massage. 

Bring your vibrator?

Sometimes you want your vibrator with clit massager provider. I am well versed with your vibrator and love to be the one in control while you relax and enjoy your experience. 

Dildos too?

What is better than a clit massage? A clit massage where I an inserting and using your vibrator on you. Ask for your dildo with clit massager experience here!

I bet your imagination is running wild right now. If you’re in the Seattle area or Orlando / Florida and would love sensual massage, including my rubbing your clit, contact me for more details. And check out my instructional clit massage porn videos here!

Is this for Real!?

I often get text messages asking me if this is for real or if I am some kind of predatory guy looking to get manipulate you into some kind of sexual gratification for myself. First of all yes, this is real. I have been providing erotic services for women for 20 years. Please check out my ratings on google and google me if you like. I have hundreds of extremely satisfied client and no complaints.

Are you a Pillow Princess?

I provide sessions for you that are all about you where you get a pillow princess experience through to orgasm, while I remain completely clothed. As you can imagine, because I satisfy women so intimately and some frequently, I get more than my fair share of opportunities to fulfill my own sexual needs. So I am not like some desperate guy that needs to trick you into something that you don’t want. I am a professional service provider.

What is a Pillow Princess?

For the purposes of this website, a pillow princess is a woman that receives erotic, sensual or sexual pleasure without reciprocating in any like kind to the provider. You get to come in for an amazing 100% passive erotic experience with no strings attached and I am 100% good with that.

How does a clitoris massage go?

So maybe you’re intrigued, even excited, but then you think: what is going to happen? Below is a video of what a typical session with Rocky looks like. After we discuss your boundaries and the kind of session that interests you, we spend 1/3 of your time on your back, legs, feet and butt. The next 1/3 is on the front of your legs, your abdomen and your breasts / nipples. So we spend 2/3 of your time on relaxing touch that is activating your pelvic nerve and initiating arousal. Then the final 1/3 of your session is on your clitoral massage.


Clitoris massage videos

So this video is obscured to prevent my site from getting banned by search engines, To see an unedited and graphic (adults only) version, check out this clitoris video page if you are 18 or older.

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I Want Someone To Watch Me Masturbate

I Want Someone To Watch Me Masturbate

As I rubbed my clit furiously, rocking my hips and tweaking my nipple, I exploded into a massive orgasm, radiating from my head to my toes, out from my pussy. It was the biggest orgasm I had had in a long time. He sighed in satisfaction, watching me enjoy my orgasmic bliss. I was so thankful I asked him to watch me, as the power of the orgasm was so worth the vulnerability and exposure. It was exactly the experience I wanted when I originally decided I want someone to watch me masturbate.

M4F Massage In My Room

M4F Massage In My Room for women

I would absolutely enjoy another massage in my room at a hotel in the future. It was so hot getting to ask for exactly what I want, and then just relaxing into receiving it. I can’t wait to do it again!

Mutual Touch Massage

Mutual Touch Massage

I saw him multiple times whenever I was feeling the itch for a mutual touch massage. It is an experience that is so worth taking the time for. I had orgasms that are just beyond compare!

Male Gynecologist

Male Gynecologist sexual fantasy

Getting to experience this naughty male gynecologist fantasy played out was incredibly satisfying and exciting to me. I had been dreaming about it for years, and, since the yoni massage therapist was essentially a stranger to me, it was remarkably easy to imagine he was actually a doctor. I am thrilled that I used this unique opportunity to explore something I have been dreaming about since I first became aware of my own turn on. Yoni massage can be a really excellent tool for exploring a wide range of fantasies! I’m so glad I got an erotic massage in Seattle.



When I first searched for yoni massage therapists who treat anorgasmia and discovered yoni massage, I never imagined it could be the practice that could help me release years of sexual dysfunction, and heal my intimate relationship with my husband, so that we could both enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. The impact of this pleasure practice has truly been profound in my life.

Anal Fingering

Sensual and erotic Anal fingering instrctional video course

I felt like a boss for giving her such an incredible time, and I think anal fingering will become a regular thing in our sexual escapades. There is so much more to explore and experiment with!

Yoni Massage Seattle

Yoni Massage Seattle

I highly recommend seeking yoni massage therapy, and the local yoni massage Seattle based place, as a way to expand into the areas of your sexuality that seem out of reach to you in your current situation. It’s a beautiful opportunity for self-exploration.

Yoni Massage blog

Yoni massage is an opportunity to get real with yourself around what you truly, deeply desire to experience at the hands of a pleasure partner. It is an opportunity to drop the shackles of shame, open wide the field of potentiality and to truly consider for the first time what you would enjoy to experience if there were no question other than what would you like to receive.

Introitus massage

Introitus massage

Your introitus is the opening to your vagina. It is behind your labia and before your vagina. Virtually any level of penetration would pass through your introitus. In all of my sessions that include even mild or partial penetration, I spend time gently exploring your introitus. Many women prefer introitus massage or stimulation over vaginal penetration. Lots of women have excellent orgasms with a combination of introitus massage and clitoris massage. The introitus can be a great place to tease

Female ejaculation

Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation Female ejaculation is more common than you may think. It happens quite frequently at my studio. I have helped many women acheive female ejaculation and from what I hear it is probably th most satisfying kind of orgasm. Clients often aks me: Can you make me ejaculate? The short answer is, If your body is capable of ejaculating, I can probably help you acheive it. There are considerations though. Female ejaculation rarely happens in a 1st, 2nd or even 3rd session. It takes time for you to become comfortable with me, to feel safe and confident. Then we work on vaginal...

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