I want to learn about my Vagina Anatomy
I want to learn about my Vagina Anatomy

Learn More about your Vagina Anatomy and your Pleasure with Yoni Massage

My whole world cracked open when I found a local yoni massage service and received my first yoni massage. I had an opportunity to ask all sorts of questions about my vagina anatomy, and to have real clarity around which parts of my vagina anatomy felt pleasurable, and how I like each part to be touched.

Before making this appointment, I had been completely unaware of the existence of yoni massage as a (holistic) therapeutic service! I had heard of happy ending massages for men, but I had never heard of such a service that existed for women. I was thrilled and really turned on by the idea of having a professional sexual outlet of sorts.

I explored the yoni massage therapist’s website, and there were areas where he goes into depth about pleasuring the various aspects of vagina anatomy, and I found that part to be especially stimulating. I found the idea of a man teaching me about my own vagina anatomy while giving me pleasure to be extremely stimulating.

There were videos to watch of him giving yoni massages to other women. It was quite erotic to watch the other women writhe in pleasure, and imagine myself on that table, receiving similar treatment, but exactly the way I personally want it. I loved the fact that I could decide how I wanted to be touched and where – it was almost like ordering it off of a menu!

In addition to all of the options available being appealing, I also found it easy to read his energy and his intent behind his videos and his yoni massage offerings. His energy felt like that of a healer, and it feels quite benign to imagine receiving pleasure from him.

I decided to set up an appointment and gift myself with this experience. I wanted the chance to let a yoni massage therapist pleasure me, while teaching me about my own vagina anatomy. Knowing that I could trust him to not violate my boundaries. I wanted to experience complete pleasurable abandon.

Want to learn more about your vagina anatomy and experience yoni massage?

When I arrived for my appointment, the yoni massage therapist had me sit down with him in a sitting area, to discuss what I wanted to experience in my appointment. I wanted a thorough exploration of my vagina anatomy, so I could learn exactly what was pleasurable for me. I wanted the thrill of knowing I wouldn’t know the exact order in which I’d be touched, but I wanted to make boundaries around what I didn’t want to experience or feel. I told him I wanted him to surprise me with different sensations, but I did not want any sharper feelings or pain. I didn’t want him to spank me or pinch me or anything of that nature. And I also was not interested in any anal play for this session. I wanted him to stick to the other areas of my body.

When it felt like we were on the same page, he invited me to remove my clothes and lie down on his massage table, face down. I got comfortable, and then prepared myself to be in receiving mode, and allow myself to receive whatever touch he wanted to give me. It was a deeply erotic feeling with a man who was essentially a stranger.

He started by running his hands lightly over my entire body. Long, slow strokes that lit up my touch receptors in all of my skin – I started to feel tingly under his touch. He massaged my neck and shoulders a bit, down my back and around my hips. I felt my body relax into the table, and my breathing deepened.

He slid his hands down along the sides of my waist and breasts, and up along the insides of my thighs. The closer his touch got to my pussy, the more I ached for him to touch me there, but he made it clear that he planned to tease me and make me wait.

He made his way down to my feet, and slowly and painstakingly slid his fingertips between each of my toes, sending little shockwaves up pleasure up my legs that gathered themselves right on my clit. He was playing with my toes, but I felt as though he was playing directly with my clit.

Next, he brought out a feather and lightly tickled me all over my body with it. He would alternate the tickle of the feather with the warm sweep of one of his hands. The distinction between the sensations was delicious. My hips began to rock on the table, my pussy aching for contact.

He told me to turn my body over on the table, and next he turned his attention to my breasts. He caressed all around them, sweeping the sides and underneath with his light touch. Then he tweaked my nipples gently. When he could see how much my body enjoyed that, he reached down between my legs and began to lightly stroke my clit.

Finally, I was getting some of the more direct touch on my pussy that my body was dying for. I let out a small moan and my body writhed on the table under his touch. As he tweaked my nipples and stroked my clit, little electrical impulses traveled back and forth between my breasts and my pussy – I felt like my body was filling with buzzing pleasure energy.

The more he stroked my clit, the more my hips bucked and tried to reach for more of his touch. His fingers slid down toward the opening of my vagina, and he slowly slipped a finger inside gently pushing against my g-spot. My entire body was reverberating with pleasure.

At this point, he brought his full attention down to my pussy, sitting on a stool next to the table and using both hands to stimulate me. As the pace of his stroking increased on my clit, he began steadily pumping his finger into my pussy, sending throbbing pulses through my g-spot and up into my clit. My pussy gushed with fluid, as my body expressed my sheer level of turn-on. I loved laying back and allowing him to touch me however he wanted, just being open to the touch and the stimulation, relinquishing any control I would normally have. I loved having someone else make the choices, and just receiving his touch.

As he touched me, he named the various areas he was touching and he gauged my level of pleasure, bringing it to my attention when my body loved to be touched most in various places. I found it incredibly erotic.

As he increased the pace and intensity of his touch, my body worked its way into a massive full-body orgasm that rippled throughout my body, up and down my spine, all the way down to my toes and my finger tips. It was like my body was filled with pleasure electricity, bouncing all around my insides.

The freedom to just open up to pleasure and receive felt so liberating and relaxing. The ability to receive it as a service was delicious and soul-satisfying. It made me realize that this level of surrender during an intimate experience was something that I deeply craved. I love giving my trust and vulnerability over to a man, and letting him enjoy the beautiful pleasure landscape that is my body.

It was so delicious to gain so much clarity around the different parts of my vagina anatomy, and how I like to be touched specifically. I feel like I have language now to communicate to future lovers how and where I love to be touched. And I got to experience some incredibly powerful orgasms!

After discovering this service, I went back multiple times to feed this desire for surrender, and to simply enjoy being pleasured by someone who knew what he was doing. I’m so glad I searched for yoni massage places so I could learn more about my vagina anatomy through that specific frame. Yoni massage became a valuable addition to my sex life, and something that I gave to myself when I felt like I was particularly in need of sexual release.

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