Male Gynecologist sexual fantasy
Male Gynecologist sexual fantasy

Experiment on me

You say experiment on me… That conjures lots of possibilities for me. Will you be blindfolded? Maybe tied to my table, face down? Will you be bringing your toys or should I acquire some new tools for this visit? How far do you want me to go?

This may not be the ideal session for your first visit with me. It’s better if you are very comfortable with me for this one. But once you’re there, we can have lots of fun with this one.

How I Got to Play Out a Fantasy about my Male Gynecologist

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fantasy about a male gynecologist crossing the professional lines during an exam and sexually stimulating me. Even as a young girl, I used to think about what would happen if a male gynecologist took advantage of his professional position, and touched me in places and in ways that actually excited me. This was a fantasy I spent a lot of time thinking about and hoped to experience.

As a young teenager, this fantasy was one of my favorites when I would touch myself alone in my bed. My first male gynecologist was attractive, and when he would examine me I would send him messages telepathically, willing him to cross the lines of what was appropriate.

I never really shared this fantasy with anyone, because I was a bit ashamed of it. It didn’t seem appropriate to have a desire that was so taboo. Even as an adult, when I would go into gynecologist examinations, I would be crossing my legs trying to hide my excited pussy. During a gynecological exam I would wonder if the male gynecologist noticed that I was dripping with excitement.

There was something about the white coat, the instruments, the position of authority. A large part of me wanted to be a male gynecologist’s dirty little secret. I loved the kinky taboo of the violation of the accepted rules. I loved the way that the lines were blurred.

Obviously, it was pretty difficult to make this fantasy a reality in the real world. The closest I could come was dating doctors, but that just didn’t have the same taboo feeling as a male gynecologist crossing of boundaries during an exam. It didn’t feed my naughty desires in the same way that a real doctor would have.

Then one day, I stumbled across a website created by a local yoni massage therapist to advertise for his business. I had never even heard of yoni massage, but discovering this website was like opening up a whole can of pleasure worms.

Apparently, yoni massage is a practice that has been around a long time, and has simply flown under the radar. It is similar to the well-known “happy ending massage” for men, but had not been quite as socially pervasive. It was a practice that had taken much greater hold in the eastern world than the western world.

Yoni massage is a service in which women can be professionally pleasured for a number of reasons – some women are attracted to yoni massage for the healing aspects – it can be a great way to approach healing from sexual abuse or sexual assault – a safe, reliable container in which to work through emotional and physical barriers to experiencing pleasure.

Other women are attracted to yoni massage as a service to contribute to their overall sexual satisfaction. The website included a lengthy menu of experiences one could engage in, and one of those options was a “naughty male gynecologist” scenario. To say my interest was piqued is quite an understatement.

Apparently, I could go into his office, pretend I had a lady health checkup, and approach the whole appointment as though he were the male gynecologist in my naughty fantasy. The description on the website said that, ordinarily, the yoni massage therapist started every session with a sit down conversation about boundaries and expectations, but in this case, that conversation could happen over the phone, so that once I arrived at the appointment, the fantasy of the naughty male gynecologist could remain intact.

Do you fantasize about receiving pleasure from your male gynecologist?

I reached out to him over the phone, and let him know that I was interested in trying out the naughty male gynecologist fantasy scene that he offered on his menu of experiences. He asked me lots of questions about what kind of naughty doctor experience I wanted to have. I told him that I wanted him treat it like a usual gynecologist visit, but I wanted to get off on him crossing the lines of what is deemed appropriate. I wanted his boundary crossing to get out of hand and to turn into orgasmic stimulation. He let me know he understood what I was looking to experience, and we set up a date for the appointment.

When I arrived on the day of the appointment, I knocked on his door, and he welcomed me wearing a doctor’s coat, then handed me a clipboard of paperwork for me to fill out for my medical appointment. When I was finished with the paperwork, he gave me a medical gown, and asked me to change into it and sit on the exam table.

When he came back into the room, he brought a doctor’s kit with him and laid his tools out on a table. He asked me how I was feeling and why I had scheduled my appointment for that day. I told him that I was here for my regular feminine health checkup. I just wanted to make sure I was healthy.

He let me know that we would be starting by checking my vital signs. He asked me to lie down on my back on the table, so he could listen to my heartbeat. He held his stethoscope to my chest and moved it around my ribcage. Then he moved it lower onto my left breast – much lower than any doctor had before. He held his stethoscope just to the left of my nipple, on the outside of my breast. My breath caught in my throat.

He then told me that he could not hear my heart properly, and he would need to listen with the stethoscope underneath my medical gown. He reached up under the gown, from the bottom of the gown down by my hips. He reached all the way up to my left breast, and he fumbled for the right place for the stethoscope, using it as an excuse to grope the underside of my breast and to graze my nipple. My pussy started to get warm and wet.

Next, he informed me that he needed to check my reflexes. He asked me to sit up, and as he tapped my knees with his little hammer with one hand, his other hand rested casually on my thigh, his thumb dipping deep into the crease of my crotch. As my feet jumped with each little tap of the hammer, his thumb dipped deeper between my thighs, and my breathing quickened.

He gestured between my legs, while moving my knees wider apart with his hand other hand and told me that he would need to examine me down there. He asked me to lay back down on the table on my back. Once I laid down, he pulled my feet wider open on the table, exposing my pussy to the open air under my medical gown.

With my legs spread wide, I felt the anticipation of his touch on my pussy, and I felt such a thrill. He slowly slid his hands up the insides of my thighs, touching in a way that had way too much grope for a doctor, like he had lost his sense of professionalism and was now focused on how much he desired to touch my pussy.

He said something about needing to feel around and check the health of my different parts. He slowly stroked each of my labia with one finger, a very gentle touch. He lightly swirled his finger around my clit, then informed me that he would need to feel the inside of my vagina to check my health there.

He slowly inserted his finger, a millimeter at a time, into my vagina, and felt all around the walls of it, stroking my insides and sending little shockwaves of pleasure up to my brain. At this point, I was aching for him to stimulate me to orgasm.

He let me know that he was going to check my health by checking my capability of having an orgasm. He focused his fingers on my clit and my g-spot inside, and he began to work both places in earnest, slowly and steadily increasing his pace and pressure until my hips were pressed up against his hand and I started moaning.

He encouraged me to allow my body to pleasurably release, promising me it would be good for my health. The intense feeling of pleasure built steadily in my body, from my head down to my toes, until I exploded into an orgasm that felt like it was so long in coming. I was convulsing over and over again.

Getting to experience this naughty male gynecologist fantasy played out was incredibly satisfying and exciting to me. I had been dreaming about it for years, and, since the yoni massage therapist was essentially a stranger to me, it was remarkably easy to imagine he was actually a doctor. I am thrilled that I used this unique opportunity to explore something I have been dreaming about since I first became aware of my own turn on. Yoni massage can be a really excellent tool for exploring a wide range of fantasies! I’m so glad I got an erotic massage in Seattle.

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