Sensuality Specialist for Women
Sensuality Specialist for Women

How I Found a Yoni Massage Specialist for Women

When I became single, I started searching for a yoni massage specialist for women because I was concerned about how I was going to meet my own needs for sexual intimacy. I am a woman who has a particularly high desire for sexual contact, and sometimes I can get really depressed when I go too long without any physical attention.

I used to carry a lot of shame about how much sexual desire I have. I thought that it was really unusual for a woman to want sex as often as I do. All I had known were stories of men who were hypersexual, like that was normalized, but I had never really heard much about women who desire a lot of sex. A yoni massage specialist for women can be a resource for a woman who is hypersexual, during the time that she is single.

So I knew I wanted to take care of my sexual needs, but actually finding a good sexual outlet was a whole other issue. I needed a solution, something that would work for me while I was spending some time healing my heart after heartbreak.

I certainly didn’t want to have casual sex with just anyone. It was challenging for me to get comfortable with people, and I knew that if I wanted to have casual sex, I was going to have to shut down a part of myself that I didn’t want to have to revive. I didn’t want to have to cut myself off from my own emotions in order to be able to meet my need for sex with just anyone.

It was as I was contemplating this sexless mess I was in that I discovered the existence of a yoni massage specialist for women. And not just the existence of yoni massage, but I searched for someone local and found out the fact that there is a guy who is local who has a yoni massage practice. A whole new world of possibility opened before my eyes.

Searching for a yoni massage specialist for women?

This man’s website was filled with videos of explaining what yoni massage was, and there were even examples of sessions that you could watch. There were testimonials of other women talking about their experience.

And… there was a menu of possible experiences. I looked down the list of options and my pussy warmed significantly as I was reading. I realized I may have found a solution to meet my need for sexual engagement in a way that I could work with while single. I may have found a way to circumvent the issue of emotional entanglement – just treat it as a professional service!

The menu was filled with options, from very gentle ways of easing in to touch like over the clothes teasing or cuddling, to basic orgasmic yoni massages, all the way to more “out there” desires like being blindfolded or tied down, and kinkier sex acts like anal massage or penetration. There were so many different forms of touch or services to choose from.

Curious about a yoni massage experience?

I decided I was going to try it, to see if I could get comfortable receiving this kind of touch from a man who was a professional. I made the appointment, and my first session had me hooked.

It was basic the first time, he had me lie down on the massage table face down after discussing my desires for the session. I got a chance to make my desires and boundaries clear, and then just lay back and receive the service. He started by giving me a full body massage to help me relax, and then after giving some attention to all parts of my body, he zeroed in on my pussy with his massage. After telling me to turn over onto my back, he guided me through a very powerful orgasm.

I knew after that first delicious experience that I wanted to come back for more. It had been surprisingly easy for me to trust him, after our discussion of what I was desiring and expecting from the session. It was clear that he had no desire other than to serve me what I desired, and that was comforting to feel. Honestly, it was my first time interacting with a man who was bringing that quality of energy. Just ready to give, and not concerned with any reciprocation.

The next time I made an appointment, I got more adventurous in my selection of experiences. This time, I wanted to be stimulated from behind, with my ass up in the air over a bolster, and I wanted light anal play as a part of the session. I had been curious about this kind of play for a very long time, and I was excited to try it in a safe environment.

My first experience of anal touch was absolutely delicious. I found the stimulation of the outside of my anus to be extremely intense – it sent shockwaves of pleasure directly to my clit. The orgasm from that session was absolutely out of this world. He stimulated my clit, pressed firmly against my g-spot, all while rubbing gently around the outside of my anus. I about lost my mind.

After just a couple sessions, I was certain that this was a delicious outlet for meeting my sexual needs while I was not in a relationship. I started making an appointment once, sometimes twice, a week, each time trying out new things on the menu.

We played with being blindfolded, and I had him restrain me during a session. Oh, that was so exciting. I loved the level of trust that I had to deepen into in order to hand over control in that way. It felt so good to be able to surrender to that situation with someone I could trust to stay within the parameters of the experience we had discussed.

Eventually, I made an appointment during which I got to experience double penetration for the first time. He penetrated both my ass and my pussy with a toy, while also stimulating my clit, and I went absolutely wild by the end of that session.

I found yoni massage to be so sexually satisfying, that having regular appointments became a way of life for me as a single woman. It was something that I thought of just like I thought of going to the gym. I had a basic level of need when it came to sexual stimulation, and this service helped me to meet it.

Eventually, I clued my friends in on my secret, and let them know that I had hired a professional to help me make sure that I was receiving enough sexual attention. At first, they didn’t know what to think, but eventually, some of my friends were making appointments of their own!

The truth is, a lot of women experience a much stronger desire for sex than we are often able to communicate or feel like we are allowed to have within our culture. We are concerned about being misunderstood or slut shamed.

Many of us have a much higher sex drive than we let on. I have found yoni massage to be an incredibly convenient and satisfying way to address my body’s needs without the complication of a relationship that may or may not be aligned. Having the ability to simply go and have the pleasure experience that I desire is a gift, and makes a huge difference in how I feel during the week.

Having this beautiful pleasure outlet has also allowed me to be much more selective in my dating experience. It makes it easier to stick to my standards when I am not feeling needy or desperate for physical attention. Providing myself with these yoni massages keeps me in a state where I am able to interact with men from a neutral place, with my eyes open to whatever they are bringing to the table.

It helps me to feel more empowered while dating. I’m very grateful for this yoni massage specialist for women as a sexual outlet while I am single. I’ve learned so much about pleasure in general from my experiences with the yoni massage therapist. So much key awareness around the nature of pleasure, and how to receive it fully in my body. I fully recommend this experience to learn more about your own body’s relationship to pleasure.

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