Breast Massage For Women
Breast Massage For Women

Breast Massage For Women

Breast massage can really be effective in relieving pain related to recovery from mastectomy, breast reduction, breast augmentation procedures, problems with lactation, swelling related to your cycle and scar tissues.

Women are exposed to many toxic compounds which could affect their health. Under constant exposure, cells can store toxic metals and chemicals in the fat cells of (women’s) bodies. The breasts mostly consist of fat cells. Massage can release toxins from these stored locations.

It is considered vital for women to get rid of these stored toxic chemicals. Rocky is willing to provide breast massage for women.

Full chest/breast massage: In this massage, the entire chest and breasts are massaged with full chest undraped.

Partial chest massage: In this massage, just your chest muscles are massaged. This is done with your breast completely draped. There will be less contact on the breast tissues and more on the muscles above and below the breasts.

Other Options. We are also very open to possibilities not listed here. Not all issues or needs are the same. Please contact us with any special requests or questions.

Every session begins in an office environment where we discuss your interests and what can happen if and or when you are fully comfortable. Our experienced providers ask for your consent before the session starts as well as again immediately before massaging your chest & breasts.

Of course Breast Massage For Women can be for purposes such as simply receiving pleasurable touch or being appreciated as a woman in spite of body issues and imperfections. Rocky is not here to judge or critique. There is plenty of that in the world already.

You can expect to be respected and revered during your session, regardless of your body type, shape, size, or any other considerations.

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