My massage sex fantasy
My massage sex fantasy

My First Experience Receiving Massage Sex

I have always loved massage so much, but I had never experienced massage sex before. Massage is my absolute favorite way to get down into my body, to fully wake up my senses and sink down into pleasure. The ability to relax into receiving a dirty massage and sex has always been something that leads to sexual turn-on for me.

Massage during sex has been a long-time fantasy of mine, but I had never been brave enough with partners in the past to voice this particular desire. I really haven’t ever been good at voicing my desires in the bedroom. I have always sort of been in the habit of just accepting sexual attention however a partner wants to give it. This is something I am working to change about myself!

Engaging in massage sex has been a long time fantasy because I am fascinated by the idea of feeling all of that stimulation on my skin, while also feeling the delicious feeling of being deeply penetrated. I have wanted to know what that feels like for a long time.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t been in a relationship in quite some time, so the opportunity to experience massage during sex had not presented itself. I was beginning to think I would never get to experience this fantasy of mine, when I stumbled across a website online for a local yoni massage provider.

I had never heard of yoni massage before, and my eyes hungrily traveled over the pages of this website, gathering information about what exactly yoni massage is. An erotic massage for women, beginning with a full body massage to help relax and stimulate the body, and culminating in a massage of the vulva, hopefully capped off with an orgasm! It sounded like an absolutely delicious experience.

Are you interested in experiencing massage sex?

I wanted that experience, but I wanted to take it further, which the website said I could do, if I wanted. Basically, any fantasy of mine was on the table, according to the site. I got a thrill of excitement as I plugged the yoni massage therapist’s information into my phone. I wrote out my first text, excited to tell him what my fantasy experience was.

On his site, he offers his services as a sexual surrogate, so I knew that massage during sex was a possibility. I reached out to him and shared with him that this was my fantasy. He told me that he could definitely help me with that experience. I was so excited!

I made an appointment with him at his yoni massage studio, and eagerly awaited the experience. I was nervous, but mostly just excited. This was something I had wanted to experience for so long.

On the day of the appointment, I arrived at his door and knocked. He let me into the space, and we sat down together in some comfortable chairs to talk about what I did and did not want to experience that day. He asked me a bunch of questions, wanting absolute clarity around what I was looking for.

I described for him all ways I know I like to be touched – that gentle was a better way to start, and not too much pressure. I told him that my strongest desire was a shoulder/backrub while having sex from behind. I wanted to be able to relax into the massage while also being penetrated.

I wanted to feel the slow stroke of him inside of me while he rubbed the stress from my back and shoulders. I told him that I wanted to experience his massage seduction, and begin with a basic yoni massage to warm me up. I wanted to stay on my belly for the duration of the experience, so that he could rub my back.

When it was clear what I did and did not want to experience, he invited me to remove my clothes and lay down on his massage table with my hips over a cushion, so that my ass was elevated in the air a bit. It felt vulnerable to lay there like that, but also exciting.

He started by rubbing my back and shoulders, and the backs of my thighs in long slow strokes. He used gentle pressure, inviting my body to relax fully on the table. I could feel the pleasure coming alive in my body.

After I had visibly relaxed, he started to stroke his fingers between my butt cheeks and along my labia. He reached down between my legs and tickled my clit a bit with the tips of his fingers. Unconsciously, I started to rock my hips against his fingers a bit.

He slid his fingers up and down along the inside of my thighs, along the sides of my waist, and up and down along my outer labia. I could feel my pussy becoming moist, dripping down the insides of my thighs.

He dipped his finger gently into my vagina, softly stroking my clit while allowing his finger to dip inside of me. I moaned a bit and pressed myself into his hand, not even thinking about it, just leaning in to the pleasure he was giving me.

When he could tell I as fully turned on and ready for it, he pulled out his cock and slipped on a condom, something I had told him was something I wanted to feel safe in the situation. He crawled up onto the table behind me and positioned the head of his cock at the opening of my vagina.

He asked me if I was ready, and I nodded, and waited to feel him enter me. He slid himself slowly inside me, giving me that feeling of fullness I was so craving. I groaned as he pushed himself into me deeply. I wanted more.

As he pushed himself into me, he started to rub my upper back and shoulders, kneading me firmly. As the head of his cock massaged my cervix, his hands dug deep into my shoulder and back muscles.

The combination of the two forms of stimulation at once was so intense. I felt pleasure radiating all throughout my body while his hands kneaded my muscles. Feeling his cock pumping in and out of me bring pleasure deep inside my body.

The two forms of touch at once were exactly the pleasure explosion experience I had been hoping for. He used his hands to rub me all over my body, as he continued to move himself in and out of my pussy. Pumping himself into me.

As the level of sensation grew in my body, I could feel myself moving toward having a very powerful orgasm. My body wanted to fully release in the face of such an accumulation of pleasure. I asked him to do it harder, to give me more, and to not stop.

As I came all over his dick, I let out a huge moan and let my body shake and spasm. It was a delicious full-body release. My suspicion had been correct – that the added pleasure coming from the massage in the other parts of my body was enough to send me over the edge and give me a really powerful orgasm.

To top it all off, he laid with me and continued to rub me after I had my orgasm, allowing my body to soak up all the afterglow that was available to me. It felt really luxurious to lay and absorb all of the pleasure that was available for me to absorb. I rarely get to just lay in the afterglow, and to be massaged in it was next level.

This experience showed me that I will absolutely be informing my future lovers how much I enjoy this technique. I was able to get so much more out of my sexual experience because my whole body was involved, and all of my pleasure receptors were online. I knew I definitely wanted to repeat this experience in the future, and perhaps even deepen into it with someone as a practice.

It was also really enticing to know that the yoni massage therapist was available to make pleasure appointments with, if that was my pleasure desire. If I wanted to, I could continue to make dates with him and further explore a variety of pleasure techniques. Sex and massage were certainly not the only options!

I was so glad that I reached out to him to experience the possibilities of receiving massage during sex. I felt like it opened up a whole new level of feeling for me in my body, allowing me to experience a deeper orgasm, and to just experience more pleasure in general through the experience. While I would love to make further yoni massage appointments, I also hope to find a future partner who will want to practice these techniques with me in the bedroom. I’m so glad I found yoni massage so that I could experience massage during sex!

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