Mutual Touch Massage
Mutual Touch Massage

My Experience When I Asked for Mutual Touch Massage

I didn’t just want a massage where I received touch. I wanted mutual touch massage. I wanted the opportunity to exchange pleasure with someone, if that was what I felt like doing while receiving a massage. Sometimes when I get swept up in feelings of pleasure, I want to express myself by giving touch as well! This is why I was looking for a mutual touch massage experience.

A mutual touch massage appeals to me because massage has always been a big turn on for me. There is something about the way that pleasure sensations slowly build up in my body, when my skin is stimulated in lots of places, and I’m consistently absorbing pleasurable touch.

I don’t know if massage is as much of a turn on for everyone as it is for me, but for me it is pretty intense. The idea of mutual touch massage turns me on because massage makes me want to be touched everywhere, and it really makes me want to express myself, sexually. There have been so many times when I have been lying on a massage table and have been so tempted to reach out and grope or stroke a man who was massaging me. The temptation drove me absolutely wild.

Sometimes, I could feel it if a man could feel my sexual energy heightening during a massage. It was like the air between us would become electric, his touch suddenly like currents of energy running through me. Suddenly he would be speaking to my body in a very familiar energy.

During a massage, I could be receiving touch on my shoulders or neck, or even on my feet, and the temptation to touch the man massaging me increases as the sensation in those areas travels through my body and speaks to my pussy.

When I’m fully relaxed, it’s amazing to me the places in my body that can communicate with and bring sensation to my pussy. Even the most innocent, benign locations… when the right kind of touch comes to them, I become an absolute powerhouse of pleasure energy. My whole body courses with it, like electricity running through my veins.

Do you fantasize about mutual touch massage?

It had never been appropriate during professional massages for me to reach out and grope a man in his most pleasurable places, and I often spent the entire length of the massage hopelessly filled with desire energy, wishing I could reach out and channel some of that pleasure energy I was feeling into him.

I was really feeling done with receiving massages that left me feeling nothing but temptation. I wanted an outlet for this energy I was feeling. I was tired of feeling teased. What if all of this sexy energy could culminate into something that felt mutually pleasurable? That was such a powerful fantasy for me. I wanted to see where all of that pleasure could lead, with a mutual touch massage.

When I found a man online who wanted to get together and exchange mutual touch massage, I was really excited. This had been a fantasy for so long, The possibility of actually fulfilling the fantasy was blowing up my brain.

He wanted to bring his massage table to my place. He wanted to give me a long, drawn out, tease of a massage, and he wanted to hold the door open for me to express myself sexually, if the sexual tension grew to be too much. This is exactly the kind of energy I was looking for.

I needed someone who was willing to focus on what I needed and wanted, so that I could feel taken care of, and therefore relax into receiving what I really wanted, which was unabashed pleasure. This was the total fantasy in a package. I was so excited to make this connection!

We set up a date and he planned to bring his table over to my place. I was so excited on the day of, I could hardly contain myself. A man was coming to massage me, and if I wanted to play with his dick while he was doing so, I was allowed to. This was super exciting to me.

When he arrived at my place, I invited him in, and showed him where he could set up his table. I went to my bedroom and got into my bathrobe, excited to disrobe and get on the table. I was so looking forward to being allowed to be turned on by a massage. It had been such a long time coming… so many dreams that turned into sexy masturbation sessions. I was seriously looking forward to this mutual touch massage.

After he got his table set up in my living room, he made himself scarce in another room for a moment while I settled myself naked onto the table. I didn’t bother covering with anything, since I knew where this massage was going. It was fine if he could see my ass and my pussy. I wanted him to. I laid down on my stomach on the table, and settled myself, waiting for him to touch me.

When he came in, he asked me if I was comfortable, if there were any small adjustments I needed, in order to feel completely at ease. I felt vulnerable and open, but super sexually excited knowing that he could see all of me, and that he planned to stimulate me physically and sexually, if that’s what I desired.

He started by rubbing the entire length of my body, with long slow strokes that were gentle and soft. He went from my feet, up the length of my legs, swooping between my legs a bit, around my hips, up my waist and all the way up into my hair, massaging my scalp.

My body melted into the table a bit. It had been a long time since I had been touched like that. I needed all of me to be touched so badly. It’s funny, but it is so rare for a man to think about taking the time to touch all of you, but it is such a satisfying feeling.

He teased the sides of my breasts, painfully slowly, dragging his fingers along my tender skin. I felt it tingling, the closer his fingers got to the edges of my nipples. That tingle travelled all the way through my body, and down to my pussy. I felt myself get warm and juicy.

He then rubbed down my body, focused around my hips. He slowly pulled my legs open wider, one foot at a time, until my ankles were several feet apart and my most private places were fully exposed to the air and his view. It was a thrilling feeling, knowing he could see all of me, as he ran his fingers, just as slowly, along the insides of my thighs and along my belly.

Each time he would sweep his fingers closer and closer to my pussy, making me ache with need and desire. I was absolutely burning between my legs and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I was dying for him to touch me, and I wanted to touch him.

I asked him to take off his pants, and I reached out and started touching him in a similar way to how he was touching me – slow and teasing, an indirect touch that would heighten his sensations, but not satisfy his desire for me to touch his cock. I traced my fingers along his belly and the insides of his thighs while he continued to tease me.

When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wrapped my hand around his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. He let out a little moan as I did so, and finally made contact with my pussy. He traced his fingers up and down my pussy lips, then gently grasped at my clit through my skin.

He asked me to roll over, and then, after spreading my legs wide again, he stood grasping my clit with one hand and teasing my nipples with his other hand, while I slowly massaged his cock, and traced my fingers around the head. I let out a moan, as the pleasure travelled up and down my body, like little fireworks travelling through me.

We continued to explore each other’s most sensitive parts with our hands, driving each other crazy, until I came with an exploding orgasm, that wracked my entire body, even down to the tips of my fingers and toes. I laid there for a while trying to recover my breath, and he didn’t pressure me to bring him to orgasm. He made it all about me and my orgasm, which felt delicious to receive.

I saw him multiple times whenever I was feeling the itch for a mutual touch massage. It is an experience that is so worth taking the time for. I had orgasms that are just beyond compare!

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