I Want Someone To Watch Me Masturbate
I Want Someone To Watch Me Masturbate

I Want Someone to Watch Me Masturbate

I have always fantasized about this – I want someone to watch me masturbate. There are a lot of different reasons why I want someone to watch me masturbate, but I’ve never been comfortable enough to ask for the experience with a partner. It feels incredibly vulnerable to admit that I want someone to watch me masturbate.

I get a tingle of pleasure and excitement that runs through my whole body when I think about how much I want someone to watch me masturbate. Even just saying it to myself now… it gets me very excited.

Masturbate together

Why have I never tried it with someone I love? I’ve been too scared. Is masturbation a sin? What if the way that I pleasure myself is weird? What if it’s a turn off for my partner, and they are no longer attracted to me after seeing the way I like to touch myself? I was concerned that it might feel embarrassing to experience… and I was worried that my romantic relationships would not recover.

Frankly, I’m not all that comfortable with my own anatomy – what if watching me, and the way that my body is arranged, is not all that sexy? It is hard for me to imagine a worse feeling than being watched, and someone being entirely turned off. So, there were a lot of reasons why I had not yet admitted that I want someone to watch me masturbate.

Those are all the reasons I hadn’t… I had some real insecurities around it. But there are also so many reasons why I want someone to watch me masturbate. The idea of a man sitting and taking me in, entirely, with his gaze, while I am allowing myself to fall into giving myself pleasure, is so incredibly sexy to me.

Female masturbating

I wanted to enjoy the feeling of being the star of the show. The feeling of absorbing all the attention, and having all of the pleasure to myself, too. I knew it would feel powerful, to hold his attention and have him be fascinated and turned on by my pleasure.

I was thrilled to see when I searched for erotic massage places near me that this local man had built a business around helping women to experience more pleasure and to support them in healing sexual dysfunction. I knew that a lot of women did not experience much pleasure in their sexual relationship with their husband or boyfriend, and it made me so happy to see that a service existed to help with this problem.

Benefits of masturbating

Apparently, yoni massage could be utilized as a process for women to heal their ability to experience pleasure, and also to heal their experience of being with men and masculine energy. It was a way that women could ease into experiencing intimate touch in a way they feel safe to receive, even after experiencing something like rape or sexual assault. That is incredibly valuable and healing.

It was also clear that this service existed for someone like me, someone who was not healing from sexual abuse or assault – I was already able to experience plenty of pleasure, and had a good connection with my own body. I was free in many ways, and very in tune with my sexuality.

Voyeurism masturbating fantasy

Aside from being utilized as a way to heal, this service could be used as a way to satisfy sexual desires and fantasies. This meant that I could ask him to watch me while I masturbate, and I could ask for the scenario to go however I would like. I would have an opportunity to voice what I would be comfortable with.

And… there was a menu of possible experiences, as I further explored his website. I looked down the list of options and my pussy warmed significantly as I was reading. I realized I may have found a solution to meet my need for sexual engagement in a way that I could work with while single. I may have found a way to circumvent the issue of emotional entanglement – just treat it as a professional service!

The menu was filled with options, from very gentle ways of easing in to touch like over the clothes teasing or cuddling, to basic orgasmic yoni massages, all the way to more “out there” desires like being blindfolded or tied down, and kinkier sex acts like anal massage or penetration. There were so many different forms of touch or services to choose from.

It was really exciting to know that there were so many potential fantasies to explore through this man, and I felt completely comfortable asking him to help me fulfill my fantasy of having him watch me masturbate. I reached out to him via text and described to him what I wanted to experience, and he asked me some questions, and made sure he was clear on my desires, and then we set a date so that I could fulfill my fantasy.

I get to be the nude women masturbating

When I showed up to his studio, I was quite nervous, but mostly excited. I had been looking forward to it with dripping anticipation for hours. The air was electric between us from the moment I walked in the door. I could tell that it turns him on to help women fulfill their fantasies, and it turned me on to know he was turned on.

He offered me a comfortable chair. He asked if I would rather situation myself on the massage table, but I chose the chair, so I could sit up and look at him while he was watching me. He sat in a chair across from me, and invited me to do whatever I felt like.

I sat and chatted with him for a little bit, getting comfortable with him. When I felt ready, I stood up, reached up my skirt, and pulled my panties down to my feet, stepping out of them. I then settled myself back into the chair.

I told him I Want Someone to Watch Me Masturbate- I want you to watch.

I threw each of my legs over the arms of the chair, shimmying my skirt up above my hips, exposing my pussy to his view. He just simply sat calmly and took the sight of me in, waiting for me to do whatever I pleased.

I inched my fingers down my body toward my pussy, and then stroked from my knees up my inner thighs. My whole body was on fire with turn on, because I was already so excited by the scenario. I softly teased the creases of my inner thighs, lightly stroking my fingers over my labia.

Watching him watch me was incredibly exciting. I felt like all of my skin was electrified, all the sensations felt heightened because of his attention. Of course, it also felt very taboo that he was essentially a stranger to me, and here I was exposing myself to him. I felt so naughty.

My erotic masturbation show

I started to slowly circle my finger around my clit, occasionally dipping my finger into my mouth to make things wetter. I went slow and steady, allowing the sensation to build, letting myself make eye contact with him, and taking in the sight of the bulge in his pants, his obvious turn on.

I stroked my labia, and slowly dipped a finger into my pussy, feeling my own warmth and wetness. For his viewing pleasure, I dipped my fingers into my pussy and my mouth a few times, back and forth. My pussy was getting so wet, I could feel myself dripping.

This time it was just me, female solo masturbating for him.

I found myself deeply enjoying his gaze, and found that I felt ready to cum really quickly. I slowed myself down a bit and teased myself, stroking my thighs some more, and tweaking my nipples, dipping a finger into my pussy and then circling my clit. My hot little button started feeling like it was going to explode.

His breathing had picked up, and he would occasionally let out a small sigh here and there, clearly affected by what I was doing. I started to focus more heavily on my clit. I played with my nipple with my left hand, and with my right, I started to rub my clit more earnestly.

My hips started to rock against my hand. I could feel my orgasm starting to build behind my clit. He leaned forward in anticipation of what was to come, clearly able to tell that I was about to go over the edge.

As I rubbed my clit furiously, rocking my hips and tweaking my nipple, I exploded into a massive orgasm, radiating from my head to my toes, out from my pussy. It was the biggest orgasm I had had in a long time. He sighed in satisfaction, watching me enjoy my orgasmic bliss. I was so thankful I asked him to watch me, as the power of the orgasm was so worth the vulnerability and exposure. It was exactly the experience I wanted when I originally decided I want someone to watch me masturbate.

Next session: mutual masturbating

This experience was so exciting, I asked if we could masturbate together. the thought of watching this man masturbating as I masturbate is such a turn on. He suggested we could even try a guided masturbation experience where he tells me what to do. I would love to learn some new masturbation techniques so this is a very enticing idea. I can’t believe there are guys like this that want to watch me masturbate and share this lovely experience.

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