Young female Older Man Fantasy story
Young female Older Man Fantasy story

My Yoni Massage Therapist Helped Me Play Out My Older Man Fantasy

I have always had an older man fantasy. Particularly, there was a friend of my father’s that I used to fantasize about having an “accidental” encounter with. When he and my father were hanging out, he used to look at me in a way that made me feel funny, even when I was really young. I could feel that he wanted me, sexually. Even at a young age, I knew it was taboo for him to want me that way.

Old man young girl taboo thoughts

When I was young, I loved the feeling of the taboo – I was constantly fascinated by what I was told was too grown up for me, or not appropriate for children. I loved the feeling of pushing the boundaries, and I was always a little tempted to respond to the energy my father’s friend sent me.

Fascination with emotionally mature older men

When I was a teenager, I was always attracted to the older boys. I loved the idea of a man who really knew what he was doing with a woman in the bedroom. I was attracted to the experience, the skill, and the feeling of authority and command that came with a more advanced age.

I also had a taste for men who were old enough that it really felt “wrong” and taboo for me to have desire for them, and for me to acknowledge that they have desire for my young nubile body. I was turned on by that feeling of “wrongness,” and the feeling of “getting away with something naughty.”

Horny old man on my mind

Really, my entire relationship with my sexuality was a bit taboo. I always felt like I was sneaking things, or getting away with things. An older man fantasy really scratches an itch for me.

I happened to stumble upon the website of a local yoni massage practitioner, who also offers sexual surrogacy services. He specifically mentioned on his site that he is available for fantasy fulfillment. There were a lot of examples on his site of women sharing their stories of telling him their fantasies, and him helping them to experience them.

Old man sex stories

Reading the stories from the other women was a huge turn on. It really opened up my mind to the possibilities of how I could engage with this man in a way to deeply satisfy my sexual urges – and also feel safe while doing so.

One of the things all of these women mentioned is that they did feel safe to explore things with him. He is careful to have a thorough conversation about boundaries and desires, and his only interest is the women he serves to feel full satisfaction in their experience.

Old man young woman experience

I had never really had an experience before of a man offering to cater to my sexual whims. The idea of being able to select experiences, as if off of a menu, and vocalize to a man exactly what I want to experience – well, it was incredibly tantalizing!

When I looked at his picture, I could see that he was old enough to play into my older man fantasy very well for me. I could imagine myself as a younger version of myself, being inappropriately groped and touched by this older man. Maybe even my old man sucking tits fantasy.

I decided to reach out to him and text him, so that I could explain what my juiciest fantasy was. I explained to him how I was turned on by the idea of being taken advantage of by an older man. That I specifically had an older man fantasy involving my father’s friend, and I wanted him to play his role for me, so that I could play a young teenage version of myself, and finally feel like I had that experience that I could feel that older man desiring with me.

I explained how I wanted to role play him talking me into letting him touch me, and him assuring me that it was our little secret, that my father would never know. I wanted to be shy, and a little uncomfortable with his attempts to grope me, but I wanted him to wear me down.

Old man sex

I wanted him to work his way into accessing my surprisingly wet, hot young pussy, and convince me to open my legs for him. I wanted him to talk me into letting his fingers explore my pussy, dipping inside my warmth.

I wanted him to get my pussy so turned on and sopping wet, that when he starts trying to talk me into letting him push the head of his cock into my pussy, I am so conflicted because it feels so good, but it feels so wrong.

Old man young women session

He assured me that he felt fully capable of playing this role for me, as well as giving me immense pleasure in the process. My body was full of tingles and I knew that I was excited to explore this with him. I went ahead and set up an appointment.

When I arrived at his yoni massage studio, I was pleasantly surprised to see he had a comfortable area set up for us to sit and talk before playing out our scene. I sat down in a chair opposite him, and we started talking about the scene I desired.

Taboo fantasy of old man fuck young girl scenario

When I was ready, he got into character and suggested that I come sit on his lap for a minute while my father was out of the room. I felt myself transport in time, back to my inner little girl, and felt shy, scared, and a little excited as I walked over to him and sat down on his lap.

I was sitting on one of his legs, a little off to the side and turned toward him a bit so I could look at him. He told me not to worry about anything as he pawed my thigh heavily with his hand. He assured me I could relax, as the tips of his fingers inched their way between my inner thighs.

He gently invited me to lean into him, to lean back against him into his chest. I relaxed into him a bit, while he whispered in my ear that he had been wanting to touch me this way for a long time. He slid his fingers up along my inner thighs with one hand, and his other hand wandered up and found my breast. He gently tweaked my nipple, his hand up under my shirt, as his other hand slid down into my shorts.

Old man touches my clit

I shuddered as his gentle fingers found my wet pussy lips, and dipped into my warmth a bit. The way he tweaked my nipple sent little jolts of pleasure down directly to my clit. He took some of my wetness and slowly swirled it around the head of my clit. I started to let out little noises of pleasure, and melted into him more fully.

He whispered in my ear that he had been lusting after my sexy little body for a long time. That he had been dreaming of getting to dip his fingers into my hot little pussy. As he breathed in my ear, he told me he wanted to dip his cock into my pussy. He talked me into pulling off my shorts.

He pulled me back down onto his lap, and opened my legs wide, so that they were hooked over his knees. He proceeded to play with my pussy and my breasts for a few minutes, letting me feel the hardness of his cock rubbing up against my ass.

He sat me forward a bit, and undid his pants, pulling out his hard cock, then he pulled me back onto his lap so he could rub his cock up against the outside of my pussy and my ass. He kept rubbing my pussy, letting my juices run down over him.

Old man big dick

He told me to be sure not to tell my father, as he maneuvered his cock to press against the opening of my vagina. With his hands on my hips, he slowly pulled me down on his cock, slowly penetrating me with his full length. I marinated in the delicious feeling of the taboo, of the feeling of fucking my father’s friend, of giving him that fantasy experience he had long been wanting to experience with me.

It made me feel like a delectable treat – a special snack he got to savor, as he pumped his cock in and out of me, and played with my clit with his fingers. I bobbed up and down, and felt an orgasm starting to build in my body.

I begged him not to stop, and told him I was going to cum all over his cock. He rubbed my clit and kept pumping himself into me, and I had a powerful orgasm that shook my whole body. As my body calmed down, he tenderly stroked my skin all over my body.

As we stood up and he did up his pants, he told me to be sure not to tell my father about any of what passed between us. He told me he hoped it could happen again. He told me he found my young body to be incredibly gratifying.

The whole experience was certainly gratifying for me. I look forward to acting out other fantasies with him in the future, since his services are available in such a wide range of themes. For now, I was extremely happy that I played out my older man fantasy with him.

What next?

Old man gets blowjob

I so enjoyed my older man experience that I asked if some time I could learn more about giving blowjobs and practicing on him, to which he agreed. My panties are soaking as I write this and contemplate my next old man sex session. We are also discussing old man handjobs and old man cums opportunities.

Old man pussy lick fantasy

Of course my old man sex fantasies wouldn’t be complete if I wasn’t honest about wondering what my handsome old mans tongue felt like on my innocent little pussy. But that is a topic for another story.

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What are themes?

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