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I am not a licensed massage therapist. Licensed practitioners are tightly regulated and monitored against touching places on the body the state considers “sexual”. As an intimate holistic healer, I recognize the physiological and psychological benefits of ALL massage and believe that the exclusion of any portion of the body is arbitrary and detrimental to humanity. Physical locations of a human being designated as “sex” organs have muscles, nerves, spasms, contractions, pain and discomfort just like any other place on a body. In some cases more so. The fact that these locations can experience a vast range of sensation from pleasure to pain, indicates the need for proper care and maintenance. When “sex” organs experience breakdown, our culture denies thoughtful compassionate holistic therapy using prostitution laws and state health departments whos roots are derived from outdated fundamentalist shame and scorn. A positive healthy human sexuality and the ability to foster it and fully experience it is not only a human right but intricately beneficial to the individual, their partner, and even society as a whole. 

If you are seeking something “pleasurable” as opposed to “therapeutic” or in some way “medical,” it will be virtually impossible to find at a credentialed healthcare provider. Healthcare providers, that includes all people licensed to do “massage therapy” are prohibited from touching your private parts, especially your genitals, unless there is a clear and prescribed medical necessity to do so.

Example, if you injure a muscle in your groin, a healthcare provider may be able to do some form of work in your groin, for the purpose of pain relief or aiding your healing or recovery. They would still be prohibited from “additional” work that stimulated your sex organs while in that vicinity. If they did do something explicitly erotic, that was not associated with the medically necessary treatment, they could be fined, arrested, incarcerated, sued, and lose their license. The health department is the policing agency for this type of situation and they have a zero tolerance for what is considered inappropriate conduct for a licensed professional.

This is why there is so much drama around the practice of massage. Lots of people have a sense that massage therapists can do sex work. But this is just not true. The line between sex work and massage has been a gray area historically for a very long time. But in the last 50-75 years, governments have worked hard on making the massage industry more professional and safer for people that need this valuable service as a vital part of excellent health care.

You may share some of this confusion when you receive a therapeutic massage and find yourself aroused. This is an unfortunate (albeit exciting) side effect of actual (and effective) massage therapy. If your body is worked on by a good massage therapist, you may release tension that is blocking your natural sexual function. This can happen during your massage and your body simply sexually activates.

To replicate the experience you seek, you need to look outside of the realm of health care providers such as massage therapists. Unfortunately, the current state of policy in the US, makes it very difficult to locate providers of erotic services. There are certainly “sex workers” out there, but they have been pushed underground by archaic laws. And that doesn’t even begin to address the fact that there are no laws or standards governing any professional behaviors of such workers. You are on your own in finding and protecting yourself until society (especially politicians) embraces human sexuality in a more mature and thoughtful approach.

The providers of this site, seek to bridge a gap between the rigid puritanical ways of the health care system and the wild, wild west lawlessness of unregulated sex work. Our goal is to provide an experience that models the professionalism of structured legal institutions or systems, and bring it to you in a private presentation. There is no reason that sex workers can’t act “professional” and uphold standards that ordinary people expect, from someone they hope to trust.

Sex work can be modern, clean, safe, and polished to operate like an upscale spa or salon. It is still not a “business,” but that doesn’t mean it can’t behave like a business. We strive to break the old mold of seedy, creepy, sketchy and desperate workers to clean, safe, skilled, and knowledgeable people that behave as professionally as any quality business should behave.

Agreement for holistic treatment. 

If you wish to experience physical touch for the purpose of maintaining your sexual health, please maintain all inquiries, communications, etc in the context of “Sexual healing.” Requests of offers of $ for sexual “gratification” are illegal and I cannot help you. This does create a legal paradox. Sexual healing is intended to optimize the function of sex organs, directly or indirectly leading to increased gratification and ultimately optimum orgasmic release. In an effort to effect the health and proper function of sex organs, consequential “gratification” would be an expected result. The fact that no one can make themselves available for this or any other service without some form of compensation makes it impossible to provide this realm of services as a legal, licensed, reputable establishment. Your sexual health is held hostage between the state and medical doctors who are prohibited from providing a great portion of sexual health treatments relative to pleasure and maintenance. I offer compassionate assistance without an agreement for compensation. As long as I can maintain a safe, clean, beautiful environment through  donations, gifts, gratuities or other contributions, that are not intended as compensation for work, I can continue to provide my time at no cost. This article provides further information. I also sell toys and bedroom accessories and your patronage also helps me operate legally and in integrity. 


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