Is this legal
Is this legal

Is this Legal?

~ Think – Valued at – How we keep what we do “legal” 

The term “valued at” is not an offer to provide any form of service or offering. It is a comparison of what others receive for similar kinds of activities. It may also indicate an average of what others have donated to support a providers efforts and activities. It is NOT a required or expected request for compensation.  


What you are contributing to and what you are not providing compensation for.  

To keep what we do legal, (any) Provider cannot and does not accept monetary compensation for any form of sexual contact with other people. Sexual contact, also called a “practice session” at this site, is simply any sexual activity between consenting adults, 18 years old or older.  

Provider does hope to receive some form of reciprocation. Sorry but I can’t afford to simply donate all my time just for the fun of it. (As much as I wish I could 😉 That could include something from this page.)  

It could also be in the form of compensation for; coaching, consulting, opinions, advice, or other non-healthcare related sexuality illumination. Every session is a 5-30 minute (fully clothed) office conference where you communicate what you seek to work on, learn about, improve, experience, etc. and Provider coaches, consults, advises, or otherwise discusses concepts of intimacy with you.  

If you would like to support your provider monetarily, you can contribute for this conference time.  

Every Conference includes a gift of free practice time with your provider / coach.  

We have provided “Valued At” amounts that provider would be grateful to receive as reciprocation for their coaching. 

See more in this article about BOUNDARIES.

Travel time. 

I do charge for travel time for outcall visits to your hotel, home, office or location. Travel time is at about $100 per hour in each direction. 


I do offer vibrators, dildos, Lubricants and other erotic toys at my studio location and for outcall if requested. Prices depend on the item chosen. 


I do offer instructional videos and other educational entertainment videos. Prices depend on the item(s) chosen. See sidebar


Most women who visit Rocky or another provider via this website expect to be treated to a special sensual, erotic or even sexual experience in exchange for money. Unfortunately, that model can quickly become illegal.  

What is not illegal is any form of sexual activity that we both agree to with no form of monetary compensation, such as reciprocal activities. 

Possibilities might include, but are not limited to; 

Maybe your provider gives you a 60 – 90 minute long body, sexual touch and you provide the same in return. 

Writing a review, article, testimonial or other digital content that provider might use to encourage new or other recipients. 

Participate in my instructional videos as a model, narrator, or editor. 

Provide website, SEO, marketing or other promotional assistance. 

Provide some other participation or assistance within your interests or skills. 

Over the years people have reciprocated in many diverse ways. Please feel free to suggest a method of reciprocation that works for you. 

At times I may have to regulate the proportion of reciprocal sessions, depending upon the type of reciprocation you choose and the kinds I need. 

Medical insurance.  

I am not a health care provider. I do not possess health care credentials. I am not a licensed business. For these reasons, I do not accept any form of medical insurance or other benefits. 

Sliding scale. 

I see our services as holistic, cathartic and emotionally beneficial to the community. If you feel that you need my help and you cannot reciprocate in any way, please feel free to reach out to me anyway. My work is a great deal about compassion. I am always open to hear your situation and make an attempt to provide to your needs.  

Additional Legalese and considerations 

Credentialed or licensed healthcare services NOT OFFERED HERE

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