How Much does a session cost?

Unfortunately that’s not a simple question that I can give you a direct answer. Please read this article to understand how you can support Rocky with contributions for coaching (in our Lynnwood Studio) @ about $150  for a short session or $200 for a regular session, by constraining payment to the coaching, and not to any sexual contact work.

Boundaries Articulation Practice Session

Over the years of practicing all the variations of erotic body touch for women that I practice, I have discovered 1 element that seems to be at the center of women’s ultimate satisfaction. This element takes on so many forms and idiosyncrasies that is has become an absolute primary ingredient in every session I engage in. In this short article, I’ll explain more so you can be prepared.


You have boundaries. I have boundaries. It is a critical element in our everyday life. We have boundaries on our roads, (the paint stripes) we have boundaries where we eat, (the menu, the cash register, the forms of payments accepted, etc.) I bet you are thinking of some boundaries that you can relate to right now. So many boundaries are the result of thousands of years of social development (laws, nations, borders). Some are brand new (email, texting, social media.) Most boundaries have a common denominator, in that they are developed largely by the community in a public fashion. We pose a boundary, we debate it and we either discard it or put it into use.

Human Sexuality is Different

So much of what we do as human beings behind closed doors is not within the proper domain of the public to debate. Our community dialog about sexual activity is immature as a behavior that we can discuss openly and honestly. We can heatedly debate the positives and negatives of a political party, but you will probably never see the same percentage of the population capable of debating female ejaculation (as just one example.)

Left to Our Own Devices

So, as maybe it should be, our personal boundaries are private. That is all well and fine. We pick up on some hints and inuendo about what can happen in a sexual encounter and we subject ourselves to some form of activity with another sexual being. Often, our partner brings established community boundaries such as respect, compassion, kindness and trustworthiness. In this case you may not have recognized a necessity for articulating specific boundaries.

Unreliable results

In other cases, one sexual being has a world view of sex, boundaries, respect, and what is possible that is not in complete alignment with your view of the same and many other attributes. Occasionally you find yourself in a situation where you acquiesce to one activity that you are okay with, to discover your partner has taken that to mean much more than you intended. Now it feels like it is too late to speak up and say, Excuse me, That is not what I agreed to!

Hard Communication.

It is said that the best relationships are the result of engaging in communication that is not just the easy variety but also the communication that is hard. The communication that you don’t want to have to engage in. But if you have ever had someone take advantage of you for failing to communicate thoroughly, you already understand that failure to be specific when it is important to predict the outcome, is not a trivial concern.

Getting Past Awkward

Communication about what you want and don’t want with a prospective partner can be awkward. We don’t have any blueprint or rules for this conversation. We let our thoughts of our partners potential reaction, judgment, or rejection inhibit our ability to have what should otherwise be a simple adult conversation. This is the exact source of many unfortunate encounters that result in anything from bad feelings to trauma or worse.

Most Men Prefer a Clear Agreement

Men with integrity (hopefully the kind you prefer) do not want to find themselves in a situation where you are dissatisfied with a sexual encounter with them. They may find it just as difficult as you to communicate about what will happen in your sexual activities.

Liberation for Women

What if you could have a much higher degree of confidence that a sexual encounter you are contemplating embarking on will be largely what you want it to be and, much less of what you don’t want it to be? What if you could virtually dictate the terms of the encounter and your partner would adhere to your terms with near 100% integrity? Would you be able to be more out of your vigilance center and more in your body? Would that allow you to feel more sexually liberated?

Not 100%?

I know, you noticed I said “near 100%” I can’t control what other guys do. And no man can read your mind and anticipate every detail of what was communicated and what was not. So I am not saying this results in absolutely perfect encounters. But I can say it sets the stage for you to be able to communicate during your encounters with more conviction and confidence, and that with pre sex boundaries, men will be far more inclined to respect your boundary modifications on the fly. I can also say I believe that your partner(s) will recognize that you may have more to offer if they respect your boundaries.

He Has Boundaries Too

When you can articulate your boundaries, that gives him permission to articulate his. This can become the essence of new adventures for both of you. He can now say, hey do you like this? Or would you like to try that? You may like his ideas. Or you may want to counteroffer with conditions. The skill of boundary communication has hundreds of nuances for you to explore.

Sex As a Predicable Activity

What kinds of sexual activities might you put back into your dream list if you could feel confident that the outcome was going to be safe and predicable with a much higher degree of certainty? What guy now has possibilities as a partner that didn’t before because he has the potential to communicate and agree? Or what other possibilities does this open for you that you can recognize?

Boundary Articulation is Foundational

Because boundary articulation or communication is so useful and powerful (especially for women), it has become the cornerstone of my activities. It is the “must do” ingredient of every session. It is the valuable service I provide for which I hope to inspire contributions.

Obeying State Law Boundaries

The state of WA and most other government entities have laws that prohibit all kinds of sexual activities in direct exchange for money. I offer all physical sexual contact at no charge whatsoever in my effort to keep us both out of the sights of the law. But no law prohibits us from engaging in any form of sexual activity that we both consent to engage in. No law prohibits you from gifting someone money to support a cause or effort that inspires your gratitude or sense of generosity.

What is the Value of a Boundaries Articulation Session?

It takes about 10 minutes to have a boundaries articulation that would encompass what might happen in a 60 minute practice session and 15 minutes for a 90 minute session. Appropriation of $150 for a 10 minute session or $200 for a 15 minute session, offsets my loss of income at my regular day job. Any donation above that subsidizes women who need our services but are not in a position to support us.

 Body Work Practice Sessions at No Additional Cost

All body work practice sessions are free. If you can support us during a boundaries articulation practice session, thank you. If not, please do not hesitate to come and see us anyway. Maybe you like reciprocate in some other way. The work we do is not about profit or money. We truly enjoy helping people discover greater intimate and sexual fulfilment.

Scheduling is Easy

Simply Choose the amount of time you desire, and they type of session you wish to practice. (90 minute sessions are recommended, especially for first practice.) Once you have found a session that interests you, you will see available times that you can schedule. Enter your information and you are all set. You will receive an email in moments, providing the address, links to modify your appointment and other information that you can check out before your session.

Don’t Know if You Are Ready Yet?

This type of experience is very intimate. Many women imagine all kinds of reasons that the outcome could be less than desirable. So we have some resources here that you can check out that may ease your mind some.

You Are in Complete Control

You are not the “passenger” in this experience. You are the driver. This is what makes this so unique and fulfilling. It’s like having a sex servant for your session. You articulate your wishes (boundaries, interests, fantasies,) I (or we) serve you physical attention that few lovers are patient enough to perform. It really is that simple.-

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