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Yoni Massage Therapy: What is it? 

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female sex organs. Lingam massage is the name given to massage focussing on the male sex organs.

This type of therapy can enhance your sex life, creating increased blood flow in the genitals. In yoni massage, or tantric massage your massage therapist works with sexual energy. Your therapist gently massages the intimate parts of your body. The massage takes place in a sacred space which allows you to open up and work through sexual shame or trauma. Yoni massage also helps you to simply relax and practice receiving pleasure.

Yoni Massage Therapy Site

Yoni massage often involves breathing exercises, using deep breathing to loosen sexual trauma and allow new spaciousness in your pelvic floor. Different massage techniques are used to work on different parts of your body. It is an intimate and erotic experience, which is treated as a yogic or spiritual practice.

Yoni massage requires you to have an open mind, to truly experience what feels good about the practice. Often people experience internal pushing and pulling about entering a sexual practice, which is why an experienced guide is necessary. You may like to receive your massage with eyes closed or with an eye mask. This helps you focus on your own internal experience.

What is a Yoni Massage session like?

A session starts with a discussion about what you would like to work on. We discover if the session is for healing or pleasure. Pleasure can be healing in itself. We discuss your boundaries, and if you would like internal or external massage.

You will undress and lie on a massage table. We will use coconut oil or similar to massage your full body and water based lubricants on your genitals. This is a sensual experience, and clients leave feeling deeply relaxed. We will generally work with your extremities first, moving into your core, and then your genitals. Working towards the goal that you set for the session. Often women come to us with the desire for more sexuality in their life, or to learn to Orgasm.

We often use circular movements to explore and open your intimate areas.

We post actual Yoni Massage videos here. This one is Censored

What is Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a sacred sexuality practice where the practitioner directly massages your vulva and vagina. The massage works with your orgasmic energy. A session may be internal only, external only or both in one session. The practitioner often uses breathing exercises to  help you fully relax.

Receiving a yoni massage can help your sex life change, open up and deepen.

In a yoni massage, the structure is made clear to you first. This allows you to relax as the tip of your finger approaches the vagina. Therapists will often use their middle finger or index finger when massaging your really sensitive areas.

Massage Yoni

This massage can help you to experience multiple orgasms. It also activates a deeper sense of your female sexuality. During sexual healing, sexual pleasure is used to rewire old responses to sexual assault or trauma. Your therapist works with both your physical and emotional needs. Often male practitioners offer sensual massage. Tantra educators or yoga teachers will often  offer tantric massage. The goal in both practices is the same. Both these modalities work with your pelvic areas for healing or pleasure.

Yoni Massage Therapy Locations Near Me

If you live in the Seattle area near Lynnwood, We are your closest location. We are at Lake Stickney, Norht Lynnwood just Sputh of 128th

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Is this Legit?


We often get messages wondering if we are for real and you can really come in to a professional setting and obtain the services described above. Emphatically YES! The internet is opening up new possibilities for us to discreetly provide this kind of service without the “appropriateness police” harassing and shaming us. This is simply a page where consenting adults arrange for intimate encounters of a healing nature, to find one another.


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What are some of the benefits of yoni massage therapy? Video


In this yoni massage video, my recipient describes how she felt immediately after and for the next couple weeks after receiving a therapeutic yoni massage session.  She describes relief from hip pain, better mobility, feeling less hunched over and generally more open in her hips. To see the type of session she received visit watchorgasm.events where we show you several kinds actual therapeutic yoni massage videos.


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