Yoni Massage Techniques
Yoni Massage Techniques

Different Yoni Massage Techniques – How I Received a Sexy Shave During a Yoni Massage Session

Everyone has their kinky stuff they want to try, right? One pleasure experience I always wanted to try was a sexy shave experience. I wanted to be shaved in my most private places, with a sexy, erotic twist. I craved a shave experience that was also very teasing. I wanted a man to shave me clean, then pleasure me to heaven. I was excited to discover a yoni massage therapist who offers this yoni massage technique!

For years, I was married and my husband was not excited by the idea of doing this for me. I had tried approaching the idea several different times, in different ways, and, I think because he couldn’t understand why it would be sexy for me, he never agreed.

The idea was sexy because it turned me on to think of a man taking care of me that way, taking his time, moving with care. Almost as though I were at the spa, being pampered. I absolutely loved the idea of a man pampering me. And in addition, I loved the sensation of the razor blade sweeping over my skin. The distinction between a man’s hands, and the cold sharp blade… the fantasy was yummy.

Eventually, my marriage fell apart. Our intimacy problems were just the beginning of the issues between us. Once I was single, I resigned myself to forget about the fantasy for now… its not like you meet a new guy and can dive right in to such kinky requests. Or at least, that’s what I thought!

At one point during my dating foray, I discovered the existence of yoni massage services. I had found a local man’s website that included a long list of pleasurable services for women. It turns out there are a lot of different yoni massage techniques!

I explored the videos on the site, and got a good impression of what yoni massage is, and what it is for. First and foremost, it is to help women better connect to pleasure. It is completely focused on a woman’s desires and pleasure, and only occurs within a woman’s stated boundaries. It is an unusual opportunity for a woman to receive sensual pleasure from a man, with no expectation of reciprocation.

It’s also a service that is used for healing. When a woman becomes disconnected from her ability to experience pleasure during intimacy, yoni massage sessions can be used as a way to help her reconnect with her body, and the feeling of relaxation and safety that is required for a woman to experience the fullest range of her pleasure. The exposure to mindful and conscious pleasure given by a man who has clear boundaries he won’t cross can allow women to learn to trust her interactions with men anew, especially if her trust in the masculine has been broken in the past.

Additionally, yoni massage sessions can be used to explore one’s sexuality, and expand the territory in which you have played around with your kinks. On the website, there was a long list of possible experiences to explore – everything from gentle intimate touch like cuddling with clothes on, to more erotic exploration like playing with bondage or different forms of penetration. I was very excited to see that this list included a sexy shave opportunity.

I decided that I wanted to go ahead and make an appointment with the local yoni massage therapist to try out a sexy shave session. In the description, it said that I could expect a sexy shave followed by a yoni massage, likely culminating in a delicious orgasm. I was really excited to try out the experience.

Curious about this yoni massage technique?

When I arrived for my appointment, the yoni massage therapist had me sit down with him so we could discuss what my expectations were for the session. I let him know that I wanted to have the sexy shave experience, and he asked me a series of questions about what areas of my body I would and would not like to be touched, and what form of touch I usually prefer. I let him know my desires and my preferences, and then he invited me to remove my clothes and lie face down on the massage table.

He let me know that the beginning of the session was a bit of a surprise and a twist on a sexy shave. The massage table was nice and warm, and he had turned up the heat in the room so I could be comfortable. He proceeded to take shaving cream and spread it all over my back, then he used a plastic scraper to slowly scrape it off of every inch of my back, occasionally bringing the scraper lightly down around my hips, teasing my sides.

Next, he moved to the backs of my legs and luxuriously spread the shaving cream all over the back of my legs. As he used the plastic scraper slowly and intentionally to scrape the shaving cream off my legs, he would occasionally lightly dip the edge of it down between my legs, causing little lightning bolts of pleasure to shoot up into my pussy.

He told me to turn my body over on the table, and then he lathered up my stomach and breasts with the shaving cream. My whole body tingled as he slowly and gently scraped up all the cream. As he gently uncovered my breasts, he softly tweaked each of my nipples in turn. More little bolts of lightning traveled down to my pussy.

He reached down to my ankles and spread my legs open wider on the table. First, he lathered up the front of my legs, bringing the scraper up along my inner thighs and coming teasingly closer to my pussy. Each time he came closer to my pussy, he would drag his fingers softly across my clit. By the time he lathered up my pussy and got out the real razor to shave me, I was absolutely dying for him to pleasure my pussy.

With my legs spread wide, he slowly dragged the razor along my skin, along my labia and over my pubic bone. He tenderly and carefully navigated all of my most sensitive parts, and left me with a deliciously smooth shave.

He dried me off with a towel, and then his fingers began to explore my pussy in earnest. With one hand, he pinched and grasped at my clit lightly, and then with a little more pressure, and with the other hand he began exploring the insides of my vagina. His pace was incredibly measured and slow. His hands moved so little, it was incredible how much sensation flowed from his touch. My pussy felt so warm and tingly, and I could feel the pleasure mounting.

I began to breath more heavily and even to moan a bit. His finger slowly circled the inside of my vagina, landing on my g-spot and giving me a shiver as he began massaging me in that special spot. With his fingers pinching and working my clit, my hips began to buck against him and I began to feel the onset of a big orgasm.

He gently, yet insistently worked the insides of my vagina, driving the sensation to a pinnacle. My clit was buzzing, feeling like I was ready to explode into an orgasm. As my body rocked its way toward climax, my eyes rolled back into my head and my whole body melted into the table. Wave upon wave of pleasure wracked my body. It was an incredibly satisfying orgasm.

When I was all finished coming, he went to grab a warm, wet towel, and firmly and gently held it over my pussy. It was a warm and nurturing, feeling, being held that way. My body experienced pleasure aftershocks, and I bathed in the warm afterglow.

A sexy shave during a yoni massage was an incredibly exciting experience. It was so much more than I thought it would be, because he was so creative in lathering up my whole body, allowing me to fully wake up all of the sensation in my skin, setting me up to experience even more powerful orgasms. It was exciting to do it in a professional setting, as well, so that I could simply lie back and relax and receive, much like I was at the spa.

There are so many more possible services one can try through a yoni massage therapy session, and I am very excited to continue to explore what the possibilities are. It is so beautiful that this service exists for women, so that we can open up pleasure doors that might have previously seemed locked and shut. Exploring our kinks and sexual appetites can be so liberating. It’s so fun to do this among the many different yoni massage techniques.

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