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Female Anal

My First Yoni Massage

When I discovered yoni massage, I had never heard of it before. Before I searched for yoni massage near me, the notion that there might be a service during which women receive pleasure purely for the sake of receiving pleasure was completely foreign to me. I had never heard of a man (or woman) giving pleasure to a woman without any expectation of reciprocation. I was always taught that when a man gives you pleasure you are expected to give him pleasure in return. In fact, I was taught not to expect pleasure in return when I gave him pleasure. I had zero expectations when it came to my own pleasure, frankly.

I will never forget, I off-handedly joked that I wished professional happy ending massages existed for women, and that, coincidentally, was the moment that I discovered yoni massage’s existence. I learned it was possible to receive a yoni massage near me. My friend pointed me in the direction of a local yoni massage therapist’s site, and my world was forever changed.

His website included a list – it was like a menu! A list of services I could choose from. And the part I could not get over – I didn’t have to please him for a second in order to receive any of these erotically exciting experiences on this list. I could just… lay back and relax. I could let a man give to me without feeling like I have to give to him in return. This was a revelation to me.

As I perused this list, I realized that, if I became comfortable with this man and this arrangement, there were many fantasies available to me that I could potentially experience and fulfill. I could start as simply as having him give me a fully body massage with my clothes on, just slightly teasing under the edge of my clothes, arousing me slowly, yet still allowing me to feel safe with my clothes on.

If I wanted, I could begin naked, and allow him to slowly rub all over my body, relaxing me fully and activating my pleasure so that my whole body became as sensitive as my clit. If I wanted, I could allow him to fully penetrate my pussy with his fingers, and tease and play with my clit.

If I wanted, I could ask him to focus on my g spot, potentially giving me an intense orgasm or making me squirt. If I felt comfortable, I could ask him to give me an anal massage that might include some anal penetration. The menu promised a soft, slow and sensual approach, and my curiosity about anal burned as my eyes hovered over this part of the menu.

If I wanted him to focus on my clitoris, or my vulva, or my vaginal opening, or my g spot, or my cervix, in any combination, I could ask for touch in any of these areas as soft as I wanted, or as intensely as I wanted. I realized I had so much choice available to me when it came to this experience.

If I wanted, I could request that he double penetrate my pussy and my anus at the same time, this menu promised so many different forms of stimulation at once. I could be touched, teased, stroked, and stimulated in all the ways I desired, and I got to choose exactly what I wanted, while also making it clear what I do not desire.

Searching for yoni massage near me?

Fantasizing about the possibilities alone excited me. What if this was something that I really enjoyed?? I was thrilled by the idea that I could make a habit of receiving all the pleasure I fantasized about, without having to give anything in return. For once, I could just relax and enjoy.

I decided to reach out to the yoni massage practitioner and make an appointment. I’m the type of person where, once I decide to do something I really go for it, so, I didn’t need to discuss much with him before setting up the appointment. I was ready to try it.

I was pretty nervous when it actually did come time to show up for the appointment, though. I had no idea what to expect, I was hoping I really could trust my own judgment and the fact that I’d decided that this man seemed like a trustworthy person. I had never experienced letting a stranger touch my body so intimately, so I was really pushing my edges.

Finally, I had arrived at the door of his office, and I took a deep breath while I knocked. He invited me in, and offered me a chair to sit and connect for a bit before I got on the table. He asked me about my boundaries, specifically he wanted to know anything I was absolutely not okay with, and he wanted to know the things I definitely knew I wanted to experience that day.

I told him I was open to a very basic introductory massage. I wanted to receive a thorough full body massage that would allow me to fully relax and experience more pleasure. I wanted a massage experience where he would take his time and slowly tease me, to build the pleasurable tension in my body. I wanted him to tease my pussy and to attempt to give me an orgasm.

I wanted to receive a delicious and thorough massage experience that would allow me to relax and have an intense orgasm after sustained teasing, or perhaps even multiple orgasms. And I was ready to lay back and allow for it to happen.

I stripped my clothes (I could have allowed him to help me undress as a part of the service, but I was in more of a hurry to experience the touch, to be honest) and I lay down on the table, face down.

He began by giving me a typical back, neck, and shoulder massage. I allowed my heart rate and breathing to slow, and let the relaxation take over my body. He sensually touched my hair and my scalp, as well. Then he began to gradually reach lower toward my hips as he massaged with long strokes down my back. I felt my pussy tingle with anticipation.

He repositioned himself down by my hips, and began to run his hand down the center of my back to my hips, and then he would dip down and slowly graze his hands along the sides of my breasts. My breathing picked up and my pussy began to drip. I wanted him to touch me down there already. He made me wait.

He made his way down each of my thighs, slowly rubbing and kneading, allowing me to release any remaining tension. I noticed he took his time down by my feet, stroking in between my toes and sending little electric shocks through rubbing certain spots in my ankles.

He slowly stroked upwards, stroking my inner thighs and bringing his touch closer and closer to my pussy. He turned his attention to my butt and gave me a thorough rub, occasionally dropping his hands down to tease my pussy or graze my clit. I was shuddering, breathing harder and harder, anxious for him to focus his attention more intensely on my pussy.

But he kept making me wait. He instructed me to turn over, so I was facing up. It was thrilling to feel so exposed, and he proceeded to rub the front of my body, starting with my feet, moving up my legs, up the side of my hips, mostly avoiding my pussy. He rubbed my stomach and abdomen, including over my pubic bone.

Then he brought his attention to my breasts. He gently massaged and cupped my breasts, slowly stroking and gently tweaking my nipples. He occasionally tickled my clit while playing with my nipples. At this point my hips were rocking, I was breathing heavily, and I was so anxious for him to touch my pussy.

I wanted him to give me an orgasm, badly. He kept making me wait. He kept teasing. Kept stoking my arousal. Until I felt like I was going to explode there on the table.

Finally, he seemed to be ready to bring his full attention to my pussy. He spread my legs wide and gently stimulated my clit, grabbing it, pinching it, and massaging around it. My hips danced around, trying to bring his fingers to exactly where my pussy longed to be touched.

Finally, he dipped a finger into my vaginal opening, lightly grazing the edge and causing every inch of my pussy to feel electrified. I was dripping wet at this point, but he was also generously applying lubricant, to make sure I was comfortable.

I became insatiable as his fingers entered me and applied pressure at my g spot. He grasped at my clit at the same time and my hips bucked uncontrollably as I was pushed over the edge sensationally. He wasn’t sure exactly when I climaxed. It didn’t matter. I got to keep experiencing the orgasm because he kept rubbing away.

He kept his hand present with my pussy as I rode the waves of my orgasm. As my body shuddered and tingled, he sat patiently with me until I was finished. I felt so seen and so valued, and so carefully tended to. I felt so satisfied. And I got to just lie there and enjoy the glow, radiate with my pleasure, and relax. I’m so glad this place had yoni massage near me.

I was so thrilled that I had been brave enough to try out this experience. I was so proud of myself for allowing myself to receive pleasure and just letting that be what it was about. And I was beyond excited for my next adventure, when I would challenge myself by requesting something off of the yoni massage menu that would tease my edges even more. What a thrill!

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