Yoni Massage Experience
Yoni Massage Experience

How Yoni Massage Therapy Helped Me Explore My Curiosity Around Bondage – My Yoni Massage Experience

For as long as I could remember, I had been intrigued by the idea of being tied up during a yoni massage experience. There was something about the vulnerability of it, the level of trust involved in surrendering my ability to escape from or disrupt a physical experience, well, it seemed like a massive stretch, and yet it touched on a very deep desire that I felt in my soul. I wanted that experience, to feel what it would feel like to challenge myself to surrender to an experience at the hands of someone else.

I had always been fascinated by bondage in porn. While yes, there was always the possibility of the use of a safe word, these women would endure so much while in bondage – I was fascinated by the question of – why did these women go through so much while in bondage? They must have been getting something pleasurable out of it. It must be scratching a very deep itch.

It seems to me that there is a level of release experienced when in a situation that you can’t easily free yourself from. Having to endure a position, the inability to move or adjust your position easily, having to just let go and allow someone else to have the freedom to do what they wish to do to your body.

This is the part that always kept me from trying a bondage situation with a lover. The part where you have to give over control to the other person. The part where you have to trust the other person not to take advantage of you. The part where you are in a vulnerable position and just have to hope that the other person will not betray you.

It’s not easy for me to trust someone that way. I have had some sexual experiences with men where I did not feel completely safe or completely in agreement with what we were doing. I have also had some experiences where my body felt downright violated.

So in relationships, I had never had the courage to reveal to a man that I had these fantasies of surrendering my will and playing with submission. I never admitted to any of these men I dated how my body craved this experience.

Until recently, this was simply a secret buried deep within me that I would sometimes feed with a porn escape where I would watch other women submit to so much intensity while in bondage ropes. I never admitted to myself how much I actually wanted to experience this.

Then I discovered the existence of yoni massage therapy and I was so curious about the yoni massage experience. I had previously been completely unaware that such a pleasure service existed for women. I had heard of men going to massage parlors to seek “happy ending massages,” but I had never heard of women receiving an erotic massage from a professional.

I had stumbled across a yoni massage practitioner who was local, and while I was perusing his website, I found a list of experiences, sort of like a menu, that were possibilities to choose from during a yoni massage experience. This list said that, usually, a first session was a simple and basic yoni massage – a full body massage that ends with a focus on the pussy and hopefully a big pleasurable orgasmic release.

Curious about a yoni massage experience?

After the first session, there was a wide variety of options available to explore – everything from breast massage to anal massage, to penetration of various forms, voyeurism, sexual training and exploration, and bondage was on this list. I became deeply intrigued by the idea of exploring the experience I had always lusted after within the context of a professional exchange.

From what I had read about yoni massage, a yoni massage practitioner is very thorough about communicating about what it is you would like to experience, and what you do not want to experience. The boundaries in a session are of particular importance because they create an imperative sense of safety that is required in order for a woman to experience the full degree of pleasure she has the capacity to feel in her body.

This means that a yoni massage practitioner is not motivated by his own desires during a session at all – his motivation is to provide you with maximum pleasure, so upholding your boundaries is paramount because that is how you are able to experience the most pleasure.

This allowed me to feel a little more comfortable with the idea of exploring something like bondage with a professional. I could trust that he wasn’t going to push me to do anything that I haven’t already said I desire.

I decided to set up an appointment with the yoni massage practitioner to experience my first basic yoni massage. I was a little bit nervous knowing that this man would be a stranger to me, but I was also deeply intrigued by the eroticism of this encounter.

When I arrived at his office for the appointment, we sat down and we talked about what my expectations where, what my desires were, and what I knew I did not want to experience. I told him I was open to allowing him to tease all the parts of my body so that he could learn where my most intense pleasure spots and erogenous zones were.

He invited me to strip off my clothes and lie down on his massage table. He proceeded to give me a deeply relaxing body massage on my back, shoulders, neck and hips, and down my thighs as well. As he worked my body he slowly began to tease my more sensitive parts. He ran his fingers along the sides of my breasts, down my butt crack and up my labia. He would occasionally tickle my clit.

He pulled my legs open wider on the table, exposing me to him. The massage culminated with him stimulating my pussy while I was on my back, stroking and rubbing me until I had a powerful orgasm.

I told him that, next time, I wanted to experience being tied up while receiving this.

At the following appointment, I was much more excited than I had been for the previous one. I already knew I enjoyed his touch and that I could look forward to an orgasm, and my spirit was thrilled over the idea of experiencing this deeply desired bondage experience, finally.

We discussed my desires – I was open to being stimulated however my body called to him to stimulate me. I told him I wished to be restrained, and that I wished for some level of intensity of sensation. He asked if I wanted to be spanked in addition to pleasured. I told him that I would like to try it. We confirmed my safe word.

He pulled out a big squishy triangular bolster, and invited me to take off my clothes and lay face down over the bolster, with my ass up in the air. I did what he said, and he pulled out some silk rope in order to secure each of my hands and feet in place on the table.

My breathing quickly increased, as I tugged a bit on the restraints and realized that I had signed up for a ride, and the only way out of any discomfort I might experience would be to also stop any pleasure I was receiving… I doubted very much I would want to do that.

The anticipation I felt over how he was going to choose to stimulate me was extremely exciting. I felt very vulnerable with my ass up in the air, my anus and my pussy exposed to him, my legs already spread wide the way they were restrained.

The yoni massage therapist began to stroke my body with his hands in long warm strokes. As his hands would pass my hips, sometimes they would stroke along my labia and my inner butt cheeks. Sometimes he would stroke along the sides of my breasts.

My body pulsed with sensation and anticipation. And then I felt the sharp sting of his hand spanking my ass. I sucked in my breath and winced. The distinction from the pleasure radiating through my body was intense.

I breathed and moaned and surrendered to the experience as he teased and steadily stimulated me with more focus on my pussy. He would rub and grasp at my pussy for a while, driving me wilder, and then he would switch his attentions to little spankings, or to stimulating a different part of my body like my feet or my scalp.

I began to feel so much anticipation as a result of his touch, I felt like I was going to explode. Finally, he centered his attention on stimulating my clit, and penetrating my pussy, rubbing my g spot, until I came with an explosive force.

The feeling of exploring receiving pleasure in this context, this dream desire and the safe feeling of the professional container with clear boundaries, was so delicious to experience. I am so looking forward to continuing this journey of exploration through further yoni massage sessions. There is so much potential for exploration in this yoni massage space.

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