What I had been looking for several months ago, was a male masseuse who would do what you are doing. But that work I was looking for was much more vague in my mind. Had no idea exactly what I was looking for either.

But when I stumbled on your site and read it, I was like, “Whhaaaaa?” It helped a ton that the very first thing I landed on with your page was a picture of you and a masseuse table, and writing that immediately started off saying what you do in a sentence or two and that it is FULLY LEGAL. Hahahahaha

Then Life took my thoughts and priorities away from the potentialities of benefits of sex massage.
But a month ago my thoughts returned to it again.
And once again, I hunted on the internet for anyone that does sex massage/sex work in the area.
Found a couple women, no men. Found naked spas that offer massage like the Olympic Spa in Lynnwood. But of course not sex massage.
Found “shower massage” places along HWY. Like mini, “one-on-one naked spas” that you *know* provide other services they can’t legally say. Haha
I even tried to go to a few. But the lady masseuses turned me down. 🙁 And there were no male masseuses either. ☹️

It made me remember your website and I thought again, “how the hell did this guy figure out the legal part???” 😂😂 “If he can do that, he’s likely quite diligent with his sex work.”

I looked at your face for any of those telling face features people develop after being a creep for a long time. You know the ones. lol.
There was none.

Also got a good sense of who you are, what your heart is like, from your picture on your website. (That pic helped a lot.)

Read through all/most of what you wrote on your website. Was glad it wasn’t excessively wordy with an excessive amount of pages to click onto.

Contacted you and was glad you could/would text back! (Texting my communication jam. It’s real time. It also forces my thought synthesizing to slow down enough, to interpret it all into the conscious awareness & written awareness. Text communication allows me to then revise that written language as best as possible to match the recipient’s language.)

So I contacted you after doing all that groundwork and allowing my reticular activating system (hehe) to marinate all the written and visual info I consumed.

When I reached out to you I already had a LOT of confidence in you.
You did that. You showed yourself in picture and mind and heart right there on your site. You showed your meticulousness, diligence, intentions, no weird ass agenda, earnestness, openness, nonjudgmentalness, and care.
You showed it, so I saw it.

When I reached out to you, I had tons of confidence in you, and zero worries.🙂 That’s pretty impressive that you exude all that skill and kindness of heart with a very small amount of internet presence.😀


May I use this as a testimonial? I’ll post it anonymously…


Yes please. Use my testimonial. And actually, I’d like you to quote me and use my picture with that testimonial.

I want this because one of my wants for the world is to destigmatize sex, and to destigmatize holistically healthy (for individual & world) and liberating sex work.

Being bold and open enough to include my picture and first name with whichever testimonial words you quote with, will lead to others feeling more brave and bold about those two parts of life, too.

= A world with more sensual sensations for all.

😀 I support you, Rocky. 🙌🏼


​”Over the last few weeks I’ve really been wanting to make a change for the better and start a new chapter in my life. I grew up super religious and it’s taken me some time to break free from that and still am trying to. One of the things I want to do is dip my toe in the dating pool and try dating apps but I know sex goes hand in hand with dating at a certain point. Unfortunately I am severely stunted when it comes to that as I’ve never been in a relationship and have never had sex. It’s really embarassing and thinking about dating with so much inexperience is so humiliating.

I was wondering if maybe you could help give me lessons in all things sex? You are so knowledgeable and experienced and I really enjoyed our first visit. I understand if that’s not something you do. But  you were already able to show me that I was capable of having orgasms, it would be amazing if I could have someone teach me how to have sex, how to enjoy it and also bring pleasure to a partner. “

​”I would love to help you learn more about sexual activities and practice them with you. That is exactly what I am here for so feel free to ask to explore anything that that you are ready to explore.

What to you are asking is more common than you think. Lots of women feel inexperienced or under experienced. Not only is having a good understanding about sex important in dating, engaging in more sexual activity is actually good for you and your health.
So there is nothing to be apprehensive or embarrassed about. Everyone is interested in sex. It’s natural.
It is unfortunate that religion pushes a message that can seem overly restrictive, if you really look into it deeper, it turns out that as a young woman you get discouraged from being sexual, then just never updated as to when being sexual is ok. I help you see that it’s okay. There is no one that will critique you for being sexual. I’ll help unravel some of the feelings that hold you back.
I’m also wide open to teach you how to please your partner. I currently have a video series called “the best he’s ever had” where I show you exactly what to do to pleasure a man. If you need a practice partner, I would love to let you practice with me.
I’m honestly thrilled that you are asking and honored that you want to learn and practice with me. I’m available to begin as soon as you wish.
Hope to see you soon!


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