Sex surrogate near me
Sex surrogate near me

Sex Surrogate Near Me? Explore Sexual Surrogacy as a Mature Woman

As a mature woman, have you ever considered hiring a sexual surrogate? If you are looking for a way to feel more fulfilled and satisfied on the regular, a sexual companion can be a really great asset. Below are some examples of some reasons a mature woman might be looking for this kind of companionship by searching for sex surrogate near me:

Post-divorce or after the death of a spouse

During a time when there is so much grief to work through and unpack, it can be really helpful to create some separation between dating romantically and fulfilling needs for physical touch and sex. This is a time when I might look for a sex surrogate near me. While time and focus is needed to be with emotions during this time, it can help to also tend to physical and sexual needs in a way that is uncomplicated due to the nature of the arrangement with a sexual companion.

When an existing partner is not able to perform sexually

Many mature married women end up with partners who become sexually dysfunctional due to illness or other reasons, and sexual surrogacy can be a great option to help tend to your needs while still maintaining and honoring the sanctity of marriage. With good communication with partners, a sexual companion can be a great way to make a marriage situation work.

During a period of choosing to be consciously single

Often, a mature woman desires to be single and living on her own, but she still desires sexual attention and contact. A sexual companion can provide a lot of comfort and nurturing, allowing a woman to live freely on her own while still enjoying the company of a man when she desires.

During periods of recovery or healing

The loving attention and presence from a man, as well as physical connection, can be a huge aid when healing either mentally or emotionally as a mature woman. Having a sexual companion (or even just a cuddle companion) can help ease some of the more challenging aspects of healing.

There are lots of possibilities for engaging with a sexual surrogate, the most common choice being to have a sexual companion come to you at your home. The benefit of being in your own home is that you are in your own comfort space, and can fully relax in order to enjoy any pleasurable activity you desire with a sexual surrogate.

During an appointment with a sexual surrogate or a sexual companion, the options for what you can choose to do are extremely varied. Some women desire companionship for cuddling, to feel held by a man or touched intimately. Some women desire manual touch – massage or manual stimulation – to be given an orgasm, with no desire to reciprocate. Some women desire a fully reciprocal sexual romp – intercourse and oral, with no restriction around the desired contact.

Celebrate with a ‘Sex Surrogate Near Me’

A sexual surrogate can be a consideration for a special occasion, or it can be a more regular treat. A weekly or bi-weekly session with a sexual companion can have a drastic impact on quality of life. Having regular sexual attention is something can bring a vibrancy to life that is hard to replicate.

One of the best aspects of sexual surrogacy or companionship, is that you get to decide what you desire to experience, and you don’t have to deal with anything that you don’t want to experience. A sexual companion is not seeking his own pleasure – he is solely focused on your pleasure, and therefore only desiring to deliver what you want to experience. This can be a really great opportunity to practice communicating clearly about what you like and what you don’t like.

Potentially even more satisfying, a sexual companion can be utilized to explore certain sexual fantasies. Some women ask a sexual companion to help explore areas of their sexuality that they have been hesitant to go into in romantic relationships. For example, if a fantasy about anal touch was uncomfortable territory during a relationship, it might be a fun adventure to explore with a sexual surrogate.

The various services available through a sexual companion include pussy massage (or more specifically clit or g-spot massage,) anal massage, breast massage, or any combination of those. Sexual intercourse or oral contact is also a possibility. Fantasy scenarios and even role playing can be explored.

Some mature women who are married enjoy having a sexual companion join her while her husband watches. This must be consensual and requires good communication, but it can be a really great way to spice up your sexual dynamic.

Is sex surrogate therapy

Sexual surrogacy is a service that has been available throughout history, and should not be considered that taboo that it often is. Meeting sexual needs is nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact, for mature women especially, sexuality is something to be celebrated. It brings a vibrancy and aliveness to life that does not come from much else in the same way.

Cultural acceptance for the prioritization of these needs will make the world more enjoyable for everyone. Though there can often be sexual shut down that occurs in women of a certain age, it is a state that can be improved with conscious effort and regular attention. This is part of why having a sexual companion can be healing at an advanced age.

Surrogate partner therapy can be a wonderful way to maintain a quality of life and a connection with your body well into your winter years. Sexual attention and plenty of pleasure have a positive impact on physical and emotional health. Generally though, most therapeutic benefits are of a holistic or emotional nature as there is very little surrogacy (if any) available clinically.

Some sexual surrogates also have spaces of their own where they can provide pleasure services, so it is not just contained to enjoying in your own home. In the right circumstances, it is also possible to play out a fantasy in a public space, depending upon what is desired.

Sexual companionship is available for any mature woman who is interested in catering to her own needs, desires, and pleasure. It is a deeply fulfilling and satisfying exchange that can play a powerful role in happiness and quality of life. Consider exploring the possibilities for yourself!

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