What is a Coffee Shop Meeting About?

You are doing your due diligence. Good job! You have training to keep you safe. It’s called your vigilance center. You don’t subject yourself to random unsafe situations. Not only do I respect that, I do everything I can to be supportive of making it easy for you to get all your questions answered up front and transparently. The service I offer are very intimate. And even though you are here looking at my very bold content, I don’t take you for granted.

Meeting at a public place like a coffee shop allows you to meet me in person in a nice safe public place. I know you need to do this to feel me out with your intuitive senses. Something that is not so easy over the internet. I am super intuitive myself so I get how this works for you.

In the event that meeting in person at a public place is prohibitive, I am also open to zoom or other online meetings.

Hope to meet you soon!

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