Do You have requirements for the types of women you see?

Absolutely not!

I love women. I find all women fascinating. Your diversity is what makes you, you. I’m not here to judge or discriminate. I’m here to share my sensual arts. You are my canvas. You are unique and I love that about you. I am so honored to be trusted to be compassionate and loving (in a provider context) by the women who seek my talents.

Please feel free to leave your concerns about my preferences, interests, desires etc. at home. Your session is all about you. It’s not about me at all, in any way shape or form. No matter your shape, weight, color, size, age, nationality, language, imperfections or inadequacies you may perceive, you will be treated like the goddess you are here.

See you soon!

More Resources relative to Client types
More Resources relative to Client types

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