Where can I get a Yoni Massage Therapy Session
Where can I get a Yoni Massage Therapy Session

Where can I get a Yoni Massage Therapy Session? 

Here! We operate in Lynnwood (incall) Seattle (outcall), but we’re also willing to travel. (I also now spend most of the winter near Orlando FL and serve all of Florida by outcall)

What is a yoni massage service?

A sensual yoni massage is the female counterpart to the male lingam massage. Where does yoni come from? Yoni is the sanskrit word for womb. Yoni massage therapy session is a type of massage where your intimate parts are massaged in a sacred space for healing.

In a yoni massage your masseur will use massage oil (if that is what you like)  or water based lubricant to massage your sensitive, intimate areas, often bringing you to climax or orgasm. Sometimes this is also known as a happy-ending massage.

How will a Yoni Massage Help Me?

In a tantric yoni massage your masseur works with your sexual energy, working through your blocks to pleasure, intimacy, or orgasm. To do this it is crucial that you feel comfortable, so the massage will take place in a clean, clear space. This allows your vigilance to drop, and for you to sink into the experience.

Tantra and tantric massage can be a spiritual practice, though it does not need to be. It can simply focus on your pleasure, staying present with your body and breathing practices to help you.

Creating a safe space of intimacy where you have free expression can help work through sexual trauma in a short space of time. Often we can help people in a few sessions who have been in talk therapy for years.

Sensual Yoni Massage Massage Therapy Session

A sensual yoni massage can help in all aspects of your sex life. In a sensual massage we will focus on your pleasure, touching and gently massaging your genitals. We use different massage techniques to create different sensations, and to bring you to the most incredible orgasms.

Working with sexual energy is a powerful way to shift things in your body. The reason sexuality is so difficult an issue is because it is so powerful. This power can be used as a healing tool to shift negative energy.

In a session we’ll massage your whole body sometimes using massage oil such as coconut oil. As we massage you, we’ll focus on your breathing, having you pay attention to your inhale and exhale. We’ll encourage you to practice deep breathing.

Breath helps us stay present with our bodies. If we can stay present we can actually experience a deep sense of pleasure, deeper than we’ve felt before. In a session women often feel a sense of pushing and pulling, as they go between their body and mind. They also experience it as they are trying to stay present with their pleasure and body. Sometimes they are pulled towards it and sometimes pushed away.

Sensuality and pleasure can be extremely confronting. As in many things, confronting the thing we fear or feel uncomfortable around is the way to heal it. Sometimes we need support to do this, such as from a therapist. But the ultimate goal of therapy is to change behavior. Part of this is confronting the things we fear, and having an experience around them.

In a sensual massage we’ll use different massage techniques and circular motions to massage every part of you inside and out. During this kind of massage we’ll often touch places you’ve never before felt touch. You’ll discover how many sensations you are able to feel, and in how many different places. This feels so good that clients keep coming back over again.

Some of these places we touch will hold tension or sexual trauma. Massaging them will help touch and release this trauma, and that will make you capable of going deeper in intimacy in the future.

You’ll experience deep pleasure, enhanced blood flow and deeper, more meaningful sexual experiences in the future. Sensual massage is a way to open up your sexuality, allowing you to be a more powerful woman, and a deeper sexual being.

A goal of the session is to create a sacred space where you feel comfortable to let go and sink into the experience of touch and pure pleasure. The goal is to enter a space where you can set thoughts aside and focus on yourself. It’s a completely different space from that entered with a partner, because you don’t have to think about us or our experience, we’re here for you.

In our massages we’ve helped women who haven’t experienced orgasm before, we’ve even taught woman how to do female ejaculation, often completely by accident. The male counterpart of yoni massage is lingam massage. Here we only offer this service to women.

Yoni Pussy Massage

In a yoni pussy massage, we focus on your pussy. We’ll slowly massage every sensitive part, and explore your sacred flower. We’ll massage you inside and out, exploring all the crevices of your vagina, and all the sensations it can give you.

In this erotic massage we’ll slowly build sexual energy until you can’t do anything but tip over the edge into orgasm. We’ll take you slowly over the plateau, and then back up it, higher each time into more explosive erotic pleasure.

Often women don’t want to stop, but they go away completely satisfied and weak at the knees. In a yoni massage we’ll touch the whole body, but the focus is on your pussy and your pleasure.

Yoni massage has many names, tantric massage, sensual massage, happy-ending massage, tantra nuru and taoist sex massage, only to name a few. It is not to be confused with lingam massage, which is for men.

In the massage we will touch the body in all the intimate and sacred sensual areas. As such, this is an intimate and hardcore full body experience. We’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Yoni Massage Therapy

Yoni massage is a type of massage that works with sexual energy. Lingam massages are the male counterparts. Both lingam and yoni massage are tantric massages.

In yoni massage your massage therapist will work in a sacred space where they will touch your intimate areas. Often they use massage oil or lubricant such as coconut oil to help their hands glide over your vulva and massage your vagina.

Yoni massage for healing trauma near me

In a yoni massage the masseur will work with your sexual energy for your pleasure or healing. Often there are areas of tension which when addressed can heal sexual trauma or other traumas in life. The yoni is a powerful place where women can hold all sorts of pain and trauma.

Accessing and releasing this is a necessary part of becoming a more awakened, healed and sexual being. Healing women’s sexuality helps give them back power.

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We’ll massage your genitals only at your request. In our massage you will experience features that may break your understanding of sexuality and sensuality. It will be such a deeply erotic experience you may not be aware that you were capable of it. We will guide you on every step of the way.

This experience is so intense and erotic, you may feel like you’re in your deepest fantasy or a virtual reality experience.

Where can I get a Yoni Massage Therapy Session? Now Serving any US city. Click the button below to begin.


Where can I get a yoni massage?

Local Service area for outcall

I serve Seattle, including downtown Seattle, West Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, Edmonds, Shoreline, Burien, Seatac, Tukwila, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Everett, Snohomish, Lynnwood, Medina, Clyde Hill, Woodway, West Seattle, Arlington, Marysville, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Kenmore, Monroe, Ballard, Magnolia, Mercer Island, New Castle, Normandy Park, Des Moines, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, Lake Stevens, Canyon Park, Mountlake Terrace, Brier, Sammamish, Maltby, Smokey Point and everything in between.

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