Sacred Yoni Healing Massage In Seattle By Professional Experienced Male Provider
Sacred Yoni Healing Massage In Seattle By Professional Experienced Male Provider

Sacred Yoni Healing Massage In Seattle By Professional Experienced Male Provider

What is Sacred Yoni Healing?

Yoni Healing is a female centric, female genital massage that is controlled and directed by the receiver. This helps women that have been injured or traumatized to reconnect to their sexuality on their terms.

You may have heard of yoni massage, yoni massage therapy, or other terms that imply health benefits of work with your yoni. You may be both simultaneously immensely aroused or horrified at the thought contemplating such a thing. If so read on as I will address both your fears and excitement either here or within this website.

Simply put in western terms, yoni massage is female genital massage, or if you like, and to be infinitely clear, pussy massage.

For this site I’ll mostly use the word yoni as it seems less of a slang description, even though yoni is a foreign (Sanskrit) word.

Because of the nature of male and female relations as well as social and cultural ignorance, therapeutic yoni work appears to have many tremendous benefits. I say “appears to have” as the official medical system has yet to acknowledge yoni therapy in any way that I am aware of.


Sure your obgyn can treat physical ailments, and mental health professionals can treat and advise with psychological practices, but does that solve all the possible things that aren’t quite right with your yoni? I surmise you wouldn’t be reading this if that were the case. So what’s missing?

Not everything yoni is resolved by health care providers. Your yoni can be healthy, but not happy. Just like you. You might be in perfect health, while at the same time dissatisfied with your life. If you were dissatisfied with your life, would you go to your doctor for advice? What if your doctor is just as dissatisfied with life as you, or worse, more so. Could they help? I think not.

Yoni therapy isn’t therapy.

To claim the benefits of yoni work it appears we need to be clear and transparent about how it works. In my opinion, yoni therapy falls between the cracks of the health care system. There are virtually no forms of health care that can help women with so many sex related questions like “why can’t I have an orgasm?” Or “why can’t I have an orgasm with my partner?” These are hot potato questions for doctors that 1 day of med school on the topic, just can’t answer.

Politics have hogtied legitimate health care providers from answering most if not all questions that revolve around your pleasure. We note, male politicians eagerly passed Viagra legislation for the benefit of male sex pleasure. But those gears have ground to a crawl for female pleasure law. I doubt I need to point that out to you.

Your pleasure is left in no man’s land. Some middle ground that is froght with damnation, shame, guilt and punishment. Therefore I can’t legally offer therapy or anything therapeutic because it implies health care and no license is available, so practicing health care without a license is illegal and well you get the picture.

I can however say, yoni body work “feels” therapeutic. So the question is, what are you looking for; a non existent health care provider that can’t touch you without fear of imprisonment, or a skilled body worker or surrogate that can guide you to life realizations that you have yet to discover?

Sacred Yoni Healing Massage In Seattle By Professional Experienced Male Provider. My name is Rocky and I work to nurture your soul through touch. To simulate comfort, adoration, and physical seduction with my hands. To create an environment of arousal that feels thoughtful and connected.

This is frequently an experience that exceeds anything any man has ever done for you before. I further strive to find ways to deliver mystery, surprise and creativity to every subsequent session you have with me.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.
Forgive me if I tantalize you up front a little. I do want to excite you. But that’s not what happens first. I know there is no way you can jump from fear to sexual reckless abandon in one leap.

If you are nervous, I’m glad you found me. And I hope that you will soon be glad you found me as well.

Baby steps

Women who find this site are rarely seeking a hookup. I dare to speculate that something happened. May I apologize for the male gender here? I know from 100’s of women before you, it’s rarely even only one event or one predator. The bulk of our social system seems to be yoni negative to say the least and downright hostile all too frequently.

You have been probably at least one if not all, guilt tripped, shamed, ridiculed, bullied, coerced, pressured, insulted, denied, diminished, and generally degraded or commoditized or outright owned because of your gender. I know there’s much more here. My point is I see it, I hear it, I get it.

You feel like you are expected to just shrug it all off, get over it and spread your legs. The world is callous would be an enormous understatement.

My solution. Organic reconstruction.

Yoni healing is so much more than physical touch. In fact it seems to me that physical touch is more of the culmination of the real work, reestablishing trust in the masculine. This takes time and communication.

We are going to unpack your injuries. One at a time. On your terms. Only in a way that is right and feels good to you. You choose what you are ready to unpack at any given time and what I can do to facilitate your journey.

This is simply a process of taking back your agency. You own and control you. I support you in realization of the you that has been repressed and forced to relinquish your self.


Some people say or imply they empower you. I disagree. Your power is not and never was mine or anyone else’s to grant back to you. Your power was and always is yours. I do however help you see and reclaim power that you have less control of than you should have.

As your agency recovers and grows, I present you with opportunities or options for applying your agency to your physical pleasure. This only happens at your pace and is under your control 100%. I am here to execute your wishes for your self healing. I am a tool that you can use like no other tool at your disposal.

Do hugs intimidate you? Do you want to challenge your fear of having someone maybe bigger, maybe stronger in a position of holding you? Maybe you say “can you just let me hug you and you not hug me back?” This is an example of how it works. I make myself available to every item of incremental growth that you can identify as something you wish to work on.

It can be as simple as a hug or as involved as most any sexual activity. You decide where you are ready to begin and we go from there. I never push my agenda. This is all about you. I don’t offer or suggest in the moment. And I never presume you want anything beyond what you have told me you want to work on. I provide additional options mostly here on this or other websites. You have to speak up when you are ready for any specific activity or it won’t happen. This keeps you in complete control.

This may seem foreign to you or uncomfortable. This is part of the work. You should have always been in complete control of you. You should have always been in a position to choose what is good and right for you. I make it easy to go back in time so to speak and practice the way it should have been so you can get familiar with using your power and agency with confidence.

Some themes (if not all) can have a feeling of only being possible to experience with a lover. This can easily be translated by your body as love. It’s a bit of a paradox. I deliberately touch you in every way I can imagine, so that you can experience loving sensations. This is often what you need and crave. There’s also a synergy in that you are wanting to feel these things, and I love to deliver what you crave.

Over time, I seem to have acquired a pretty good intuition about what your specific body desires as I read you over the course of our time. I teach men in my course to “read your body.” I very much practice what I preach and watch, listen, feel and endeavor to hear everything your body is requesting in real time.

The depth of my listening can create sensations of being heard and known that can create feelings of deep familiarity.

All of this follows a sit down chat where we frequently discuss the intimacies of your body and interests at a level of communication that is often unattainable with many partners.

All of this, while I work to demonstrate respect and honor of your boundaries that you rarely if ever experience from men.

I’m a surrogate.

I do these things to artificially create a fantasy experience for you. I am acting as a stand in for the lover you just don’t have at the moment but could really use for a multitude of reasons. You need touch. You need to feel heard and understood. You need some physical and mental excitement. You need physical, orgasmic release.

You need it to be orchestrated by someone other than you. You probably have some ands to include here as everyone is different and has individual requirements that may vary at different times. I would love to hear yours.

As I deliver my services, it is supposed to feel “like” I love you. The more I can simulate a loving partner experience for you, the more beneficial it gets to be for you.

I have rarely known a woman that can just engage in receiving sexual activities just to get off, in ways that resemble how easy that is for men. Women tend to thrive on more of the sequential details of an experience so she can savor and process what happens in a casual, relaxed and unrushed fashion.

That said, most women come to me to explore what kinds of attributes a sexually informed and practiced man can deliver. You may be pleasantly surprised if I exceed your expectations. Of course, that is exactly what I am attempting to do. Not to attempt to win your love, but to allow you to use my skills to step into feeling loved when you need it, for peace of mind and personal growth.

Benefits of a surrogate session.

I have to renounce any association to health care as I am not licensed or credentialed to practice health care. But the health care industry is virtually sterilized when it comes to pleasure, sexuality and most anything related to beneficially healthy physical human intimacy. This begs the question, are benefits derived from healthy positive human sexuality the realm of health care?

Sexual trauma.

There are absolutely genuine physical and mental health care treatments for victims of sexual trauma. Doctors can help heal physical wounds and help you mentally process shock and other psychological injuries. But where are your medical professionals when you discover that intimacy now terrifies you? Your course of treatment is complete, but now sexual intimacy just isn’t right any more.

This is where choosing surrogacy might help. It’s not health care and it can’t be. This is more like social healing. Compassion that comes from one who specializes in compassion. Someone that can redeem the masculine. This simply means, finding the safest intimate activity you can find, with a man that serves to demonstrate the absolute kindest and most loving experience a man can lavish on a woman.

This is an example of the work I do. I artificially “love” you so you can extract whatever cathartic, holistic or therapeutic feeling(s) you know you need, but have discovered that virtually no one provides.

Few men put in such a concerted effort. There are lots of reasons. They may take the fact that they have so much time with you for granted, or they may simply lack skills sufficient to move you. I on the other hand am diligently focusing on just you for the duration of your session.

All of these things and more can accumulate to create a sense of love. I’ll admit, the conversations we have make it difficult for me to not at least like my clients. So you will probably sense that. Unfortunately, that is as far as I can authentically go emotionally. I do have a girlfriend who I am very committed to who so selflessly accepts and supports my work with you.

My focus with each client is pretty intensive. I put all of my energy into being as attentive as a can be. I focus hard on being present with your body in minute detail. This kind of work doesn’t leave me with much bandwidth to entertain an additional, authentic love interest.

That doesn’t even mean I don’t love women other than my girlfriend. I often do love my clients. I just can’t be in a traditional type of love relationship with my clients.

So if you are seeking a partner, there are several things we can do to help bring that into your life. Just understand that I am not available outside of my work for actual relationships.

Thank you for understanding.

What’s next?

If you are still with me and ready to proceed, you can click the schedule button below and book your session.

When you arrive, plan on me taking all the time you need to get you completely comfortable and relaxed. Most of your session is about being able to feel good in your body without fear or trepidation.

We will spend over an hour, just relaxing you, teasing you and building excitement and arousal. We never proceed to any yoni touch until you are completely ready and wanting it to happen.

This is my ultimate skill. Transitioning from talking, to body touch, to desire for genital touch, to finally making that happen in a beautiful streaming process.

There are multiple stores you can read here on this site giving you some idea as to how sessions proceed.

Book your Sacred Yoni Healing Massage In Seattle By Professional Experienced Male Provider

Check them out the click a schedule button at the bottom of the page.

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