Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Healing Female Sexuality: Female Sexual Arousal Disorders

Relief from Female Sexual Arousal Disorders: Imagine feeling relaxed around your sexuality. Relaxed and confident and alive. Imagine knowing exactly what you want and how to ask for it. Imagine being able to get it.

Imagine feeling your deep sensual female sexuality. Imagine feeling powerful, and able to get exactly what you want all the time.

This is the power of women’s sexuality. If we open it and heal it you’ll have that power. The power to move and change things in the world, or simply to be served and get what you want from the masculine.

We can holistically help with all forms of female sexual dysfunction.

In healing sexual dysfunction, an important part is talk therapy, where you work with a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. A necessary part is exploring touch. It’s the difference between learning in class or having the experience yourself.

We get referrals from sex therapists where people have problems with sexual disorders. We find that many can be solved by receiving sexual touch in a safe environment. The therapy community is beginning to make this part of people’s treatment plans.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female sexual arousal disorder is a disorder of sexual health. It is the name we give to women who experience a persistent inability to achieve or maintain sexual arousal. This impacts women in all sorts of ways, particularly in them losing interest in sex.

Female sexual arousal disorder can affect sexual desire and it can lead to sexual difficulties in couples. Arousal problems mean that sexual excitement is greatly diminished, and sexual behavior often ceases.

Women with this disorder often feel like it strains their relationships and makes sexual behavior feel transactional. They often feel like they have to service their partners needs, and sex becomes something that is no longer for them. They simply allow their partner to use their body.

We have experience in relieving this disorder. In our practice we put our attention on you, and only on you. You are here to discover and experience pleasure with absolutely no need to do anything. We make a safe space where you have no obligations so that you can simply relax and learn to receive.

We’ve had a lot of success with women who were unable to experience orgasm. Some experience their first orgasms with us. It may take several sessions to work through issues such as these. A first session often focuses on relaxing and experiencing the pleasures of the body as you let go of your thoughts and redeeming the masculine.

What is Yoni Massage Therapy

Yoni Massage therapy is a type of sexual therapy that focuses on healing, and can have huge impacts on your sexual behavior. Yoni is a sanskrit word for womb. It is a practice that takes place in a sacred space, and can help with women reporting all sorts of sexual dysfunction. This practice can help with decreased sexual desire.

Yoni massage therapy can also help people who are on antidepressants, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, ssri’s.

Receiving a yoni massage is a way to work with your orgasmic energy, or sexual energy. A massage involves a full body massage, eventually focusing on your Yoni, your vulva and vagina. It can be external or internal.

We provide a sensual massage much like a yoni massage, but from a western perspective with the spiritual part removed. This is a wonderful way to work with sexual trauma or decreased desire, including in postmenopausal women.

We also work with people with  hypoactive sexual desire disorder, where sexual desire is absent. We find providing sexual stimulation in a safe environment may help people with this disorder experience or open their sexuality.

Often this is a scary place to go, but it can be an important part in healing. Yoni or sensual massage increases blood flow in the pubic area and increases vaginal lubrication, and can result in healing your sexuality.

It can help with a host of sexual medical conditions. If you’re experiencing pushing and pulling feelings around experiencing your sexuality, coming for a sensual massage can help you feel safe. It can help you find more clarity around your sexuality.

The male equivalent of yoni massage is lingam massage.

Sensual Massage

Our sensual massages are full body massages where we can also work with your pubic and genital areas. We focus on having you relax and experience pleasure.

Sensual massage simply removes the eastern spiritual aspects of Yoni massage. We still treat it as a special and sacred practice. The goal is to focus on you and exactly what you need and want to experience. We follow your body exactly.

In a sensual massage we may gently massage you with coconut oil or similar, (only water based lubricant on genitals though) helping you fully relax. An important part of sensual massage is breathing exercises. It requires an open mind to enter a space where we can work with you.

When massaging your sensitive areas we use our index finger or even the tip of your finger to guide you in experiencing pleasure. Women with trauma often tighten as a finger approaches the vagina. Helping you relax and feel safe can rewrite these responses over time.

Arousal and orgasm can be a challenging concern. I am certain I can help with non-medical sexual health options. Almost no one doesn’t have questions though. So begin your journey to reclaiming the pleasure your body is capable by asking your question(s) here. Nothing is too taboo or inappropriate. I have heard it all. And I never tire of hearing what you have on your mind.

If you have an absence of sexual feelings, this may be exactly what you need.

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