Rocky Peterson Yoni Therapist


Author of “The Best She’s Ever Had” and “The Best He’s Ever Had” Instructional courses for lovers.

Provides Erotic services for women and sometimes couples in Lynnwood WA (North of Seattle)

I’m so excited to see that you have made it to this page. My name is Rocky. I suspect you know what I look like as this page was created as a landing page for my t-shirt ad campaign. I am probably the guy wearing the t-shirt you saw.

Anyway, you saw the words Sacred Yoni Healing and I am hoping you are intrigued. Since you’re here now, let’s get you some information.

Below you can read a bit about yoni massage work and what I do.

If Interested you can schedule an appointment with me while I am in your community. If you happen to see me in this shirt in or around Seattle, then you can arrange an appointment with me any time I am not on tour.

When on tour, sometimes I have a room and or a massage table and some times I don’t. So check out my schedule for those details.

Rockledge Florida 321-390-9470

Nov 15 – Dec 1 2022

Decc13 – 31 2022

Jan 1- 5 2023

Jan 17 – April 8 2023

April 18 – November 1 – 2023 Back in Lynnwood for the summer

Outcall Only (Your home or hotel room)

No Table available at this time, can be requested and I will get one.



What is Yoni Massage Therapy?

Yoni massage therapy focuses on giving to the woman, and expanding her ability to receive. A yoni massage is a way to achieve this. A yoni massage experience is similar to a tantric massage, though I do not bring any overt spirituality into the process. It can simply be a sensual massage where the woman accepts it as a pussy massage. This is a good way of opening the woman’s sexual energy. Over time, a deeper massage may be needed, where sensual touch may move into the pelvic floor, where the yoni can experience healing and awakening. The healing awakening massage is great, and can result in deep pleasure and accessing of your sacred sexuality.

Will it help me climax?

Yes. Sacred Yoni Healing Massage will help you climax, although climax is not the goal. The goal is deep sensuality, and deep connection to the yoni. I help you practice the ability to receive. If you are seeking to improve your ability to climax, we may address that as a separate objective. I certainly do a great deal of climax enhancement, recovery, and even teach women that never had a climax how to achieve it.

Fostering Femininity

Accessing your sacred sexuality is a wonderful way to grow into your full womanhood. The benefits of yoni massage are that you can fully awaken your female sexual energy and learn to feel and experience more. You will learn to be more sensitive, more responsive, less tight physically and emotionally. Sensual yoni massage has benefits beyond sexuality, and will be seen in all areas of your life.

Western Style Yoni Massage

We offer a western style, where the spirituality is removed. We treat the yoni erotic massage as a sacred space, where we will not violate your trust. However we remove any need to subscribe to a particular way of thinking, and focus on the practice itself, which is simply giving a sensual massage. This can include a body massage or oil massage. We are very far from what you see in porn videos. We give soft, careful attention rather than the hard and fast thing we are so used to seeing. The best massage of this type can be in a western setting.

Yoni Massage Orgasm

A yoni (pussy) massage is simply a way for you to receive sensual touch in a safe way, with our attention on you and your ability to receive. It is a wonderful place for self discovery and exploration. This can be exceptionally healing. It is possible that you will have an orgasmic yoni massage, where a yoni massage orgasm may occur. An intimate yoni massage can certainly help with your ability to be orgasmic, as it enables you to relax, sink in, feel and experience more. Though again, while orgasm may occur, it is not the goal, unless you want it to be. Often trauma will be released over time, which also enhances orgasmic ability. So often we have a need for sensual touch in this area. Too often we aren’t able to get it from the intimate relationships in our lives. We are a safe place for you to explore.

Western Style Yoni Massage For Multiple Orgasms

If you searched for video yoni massage, we can give you a yoni massage in your city, where you can have your first yoni massage experience. A yoni massage for women is available in our Lynnwood WA yoni massage therapy location. Or when I am on tour I can come to you and when I have an available room, you can come to me


See Yoni Massage Videos Here

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Schedule a Yoni Session Outside of Greater Puget Sound area

Currently, my scheduling app is not set up for online scheduling when I am not in the Seattle area. To arrange an appointment please call text or email to set up your Yoni experience.


Call or Text 206-303-8844


Please feel free to text or email any questions you may have about what a session can include or anything that you care to inquire about. 

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