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orgasm video

The Best Orgasm Video Collection

I have always loved videos of women having real orgasms. Most of the porn industry bores me. I don’t enjoy videos in which women are faking their pleasure. In so many porn videos, women are just performing as men enjoy their bodies, and I can always tell when the pleasure isn’t genuine. A woman’s body does very specific things automatically when she is experiencing real pleasure. I have just always loved a good orgasm video.

I have been adding to my orgasm video collection for a long time. It is a bit of a hobby of mine, finding the videos that show real women having real pleasure. I get really excited when I find a new orgasm video to add to my collection.

My favorite theme lately has been sex education videos. There is something very erotic about the teaching aspect of the videos. Watching a man teach while touching a woman and giving her pleasure, fed an additional fantasy of mine, in addition to exhibiting genuine pleasure.

I recently stumbled across an entire orgasm video collection called “The Best She Ever Had.” It was like hitting the jackpot! There were so many videos focused on different ways to give a woman an orgasm. I loved videos like these, because I could learn more about pleasure, while watching a woman enjoy herself in ways that really get me off.

This series had a ton of different themes. (Various kinds of individual activities to focus on.) This was my first introduction to the practice of yoni massage. On the website, it was explained that yoni massage is a practice that is an erotic massage for women. It’s a full body pleasure experience, and it is more than just an erotic addition as a skillset. It is also healing for a lot of women.

I was fascinated by the concept of healing through pleasure. Apparently, the safety created within the boundaries of a yoni massage, which is conducted according to the desires of a woman specifically, allows some women to relax and experience pleasure in ways that they can’t typically experience, otherwise. You see, when some women experience sexual trauma, they have areas of their body that shut down and block the physical sensation of pleasure. Yoni massage, as a practice, can help release these blocks to pleasure and help women feel pleasure more intensely.

Beyond the focus on yoni massage, there were videos that focused on more specialized massage, like clit massage and g-spot massage, breast massage and anal massage. There were anal videos, videos showing how to use toys and vibrators, and those that covered particular kinky themes, like bondage, visual deprivation, and vulnerability.

I was just so thrilled at the prospect of getting to view so many genuine orgasm video themes. I made a plan to spend some time in my bedroom binge-watching the videos. I wanted to thoroughly absorb the content.

I chose one of the basic erotic massages for my first orgasm video. I was excited to learn about this particular pleasure technique. It was sure to be a great tool to have in my pleasure tool belt.

The instructor began by having the woman lie face down naked on a massage table. He began by giving her full body a rub down. He used long, slow strokes along her skin, from her head to her feet. He talked about the importance of giving her body a chance to fully relax. Apparently, women aren’t capable of feeling much pleasure if they aren’t relaxed. Fancy that!

Actually, that provided so much perspective for me on why porn videos are not all that sexy to me. The women in the videos are not relaxed, so it is apparent that they are not actually enjoying themselves. It is their lack of relaxation that leads to their theatrics and performance, rather than porn actually demonstrating authentic pleasure. Just the fact that this video placed such importance on the relaxation phase for a woman, showed me that I was definitely in it to witness some genuine pleasure.

After fully relaxing into the massage table, the woman was ready for some teasing stimulation, or so that is what the instructor reflected. He teased her by dipping his hands down along the sides of her breasts and her waist. He very softly played with the sensitive skin along her butt crack.

He massaged down her legs and pulled her feet open wide on the massage table. Her pussy and anus were now completely in view, and he brought his face in close and breathed on her sensitive parts for a moment. He talked about just how important it was at this state to build her excitement and the range of sensation she is experiencing.

It was absolutely intoxicating to watch her body convulse, the little shudders of pleasure rippling through her body, tweaking and twitching her from head to foot. She clearly loved the touch in her butt crack, as he lightly tickled the fuzzy little hairs along that skin. It was obviously sensitive and so susceptible to teasing.

He occasionally dipped his hands down between her thighs, trailing his fingers along the crease between her thighs and her pussy lips. He softly tickled her labia, gently massaging each side of her pussy. His fingers gently kneaded her pubic mound, softly circling the area around her clit.

Just as she was starting to rock her hips in excitement, he asked her to roll over onto her back, so that he could shift his focus for a while. He stressed the importance of drawing things out, of building pleasure over time and making a woman wait for orgasmic release.

In full teasing mode, he began by sensually massaging her feet, drawing his fingers slowly between her toes, sending little electric shocks of pleasure up to her pussy. It was so apparent the amount of pleasure she was experiencing. Her body was writhing on the table, her hips rolling and rocking, begging for more touch. He massaged his way up the front of her legs, massaging the outside of her hips, digging deep into her ass cheeks, then rubbing her stomach muscles gently.

He swooped his hands around her breasts, then bypassed them for a bit and spent some time playing with her hair and massaging her scalp. He softly caressed her hair, and reached down to swirl his fingers around her breasts.

He spent some time giving her breasts some attention – softly caressing her skin on the outside and underneath her breasts. As her nipples became more excited and stood at attention, he softly stroked those as well. He pinched them and tweaked them gently, and even occasionally reached down to tweak her clit.

The woman was absolutely losing her mind with how much pleasure she was experiencing, that much was apparent. She was convulsing, shuddering, moaning, and writhing… it was an absolute feast for the eyes and I was fascinated watching her. There was no doubt that this was genuine pleasure being experienced.

When he finally felt like she was ramped up enough, he settled himself down by her hips and began to concentrate his attention on her pussy. With one hand, he pinched, lightly grasped, tweaked, and rolled her clit between his fingers. With his other hand, he very softly probed the outside of her vaginal opening. With plenty of lubrication on his finger, he gently dipped his finger inside her, a millimeter at a time.

The woman’s body begged him to increase his intentions, begging for more pressure, more speed, more concentrated attention in a specific area. As he continued to work her body, he watched her for cues around what she truly enjoyed, and he pursued that trail as though it were his biggest passion.

The woman enjoyed a fully explosive orgasm, that clearly radiated from head to toe. Her vocalizations were powerful and so sexy, and her body vibrated with the ripples of pleasure.

This was just the first of the orgasm video collection that I watched, and I was totally hooked. There were so many other examples of beautiful, genuine pleasure demonstrated. The teaching aspect of the series was really sexy, and kept my interest video after video in my viewing.

I highly recommend the series to anyone looking to study genuine pleasure experiences, and how to read someone’s pleasure responses in real time. I feel like a much more confident lover now that I have watched this orgasm video series and absorbed all that I learned.


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