The Best Erotic Videos for Women

It is not easy to find erotic videos for women. The porn industry is rife with videos created to please the male gaze. Erotic videos for women are actually relatively rare. There are so many ways that women’s bodies and sexuality have been co-opted in order to serve the tastes of men. As a woman, it is so easy to discern when a woman is faking pleasure in a pornography video. It’s hard to find something that actually feels real.

I’ve always enjoyed porn, in a way. I like watching people have sex. I like watching something that feels private, like I shouldn’t really be watching. I love living vicariously through people, watching them touch each other and play.

There is this level on which pornography just feels – wrong – though. It feels like performance. It feels fake. It doesn’t really feel like it is focused on women’s pleasure. In porn, women are usually treated as the vessel for pleasure. Women’s bodies are used for men to get off. The focus is never really on a woman’s pleasure. And most of the feminine pleasure in these videos is performed. It’s not real.

Aside from videos of women having orgasms, which tend to be the only pornography that actually centers on women’s pleasure, there really aren’t many videos out there to be found that show real feminine pleasure. It’s really quite rare to find good erotic videos for women.

Since erotic videos for women are a bit of a passion of mine, I am often looking for new material to enjoy. I was searching for new videos one day and stumbled upon a website that had an educational course that was completely focused on women’s pleasure. It was called “The Best She Ever Had.” It was created to teach how to pleasure women.

This was going to be a gold mine. I am always looking for videos that show real women experiencing real pleasure, and this course promised a continually growing list of videos with different topics that focus on real pleasure for real women. I definitely wanted to check it out.

The website had plenty of testimonials from women speaking to the realness of their pleasure. The site was mainly focused on erotic massage for women, a practice that focuses on attuning to the tiny ways that a woman’s body responds to pleasure, and following her pleasure energy to the point of climax. There were going to be so many great videos to watch and absorb.

I decided to purchase the course, and I got ready to dive into some entertaining content. It’s always really exciting when I find some new content that actually features women’s pleasure. I set myself up for some marathon viewing. This was one of my favorite things to watch in the world.

There were so many videos to choose from. There was the basic erotic massage videos, of which there were several versions, and then there were more advanced and specific topics. There were videos focused on breast massage. There were videos focused on anal massage. There were videos focused on the g-spot. There were videos focused on the clit. There were videos focused on penetration. There were videos focused on double penetration. There were even fantasy scenarios like naughty teacher and inappropriate doctor.

Searching for erotic videos for women?

I decided to watch the basic pussy massage video first. I imagined that the most basic video would show the clearest and simplest pleasure responses in a woman’s body. With less happening as a stimulus, the response would be that much more obvious. I was excited at the prospect of watching a nice, slow session that would be entirely focused on a woman’s body, and her pleasure.

At the beginning of the session in the video, the man had a woman lie face down naked on a massage table. He started by using his hands in long, slow strokes along the length of her body. He explained how important it was to allow a woman to fully relax if you wanted to give her pleasure. The amount of pleasure she is able to experience if she is relaxed is astronomical compared to that which she can experience prior to the relaxation. The beginning part of the video was purely focused on relaxing massage, which was already a nice break from classic porn. This was a basic focus on women’s pleasure that was actually real.

As the instructor massaged the woman, she became visibly more relaxed, and her breathing deepened and slowed. She seemed to melt into the massage table. Just as she was becoming fully relaxed, the instructor began to tease her. He began by pulling her legs open wider on the table. Not touching anything, just exposing her pussy to view. This awareness alone was enough to excite her a bit.

Aside from being more visible, she also became more accessible. As he massaged, he occasionally would sweep his fingers across her labia, stoking her wetness and teasing her excitement. He would occasionally dip in between her legs as he was massaging her butt cheeks and tickle her clit.

He went back up to massaging her back, and would occasionally grope the sides of her waist and the sides of her breasts. He moved his touch up along her neck, her throat, up into the hair at the nape of her neck, curling his fingers up in it, all the while watching her body’s pleasure response.

Watching this man follow the energy of this woman’s pleasure was absolutely intoxicating. It was like watching a man learn how to play an instrument on the fly, simply by attuning his energy to hers and remaining completely present. This was a really powerful skill, and it was incredibly sexy to watch it in action.

After enough teasing on her back, the instructor invited the woman to roll over on to her back. He then went about giving the front of her body attention, massaging her legs, spending some time with her feet, teasing around her inner thighs and then camping out by her breast for a while to tease and play with the skin on the sides and undersides of her breasts. He played with her nipples in a variety of ways – tweaking, twisting, pulling, and pinching. Occasionally, he would reach down with his other hand and tickle her clit.

Watching the woman respond to the amount of pleasure she was experiencing as a result of his touch had me absolutely about to go over the edge. She was twitching, shuddering, writhing, moaning… and it was incredibly sexy to take in. Her pleasure was so obviously authentic, her body couldn’t help but respond to his touch. This was my ultimate turn on.

When the instructor felt he had made his participant wait a reasonable amount of time for her orgasm, he decided to camp out down by her hips, and dedicate both of his hands to her orgasm.

This is when these videos really get next level. There is nothing more erotic than watching a woman be taken over the edge. There are plenty of women who think they can fake it, but the body doesn’t lie. When the pleasure is real and being experienced by the body, the body gives little hints and clues that are undeniable. This is what is so sexy to watch. This is what I was so excited to see in each and every video included in the series. I wanted to watch women simply lose their mind in the face of pleasurable sensation.

Once the instructor decided it was time to give the woman an orgasm, he couldn’t be stopped. He settled down by her hips and put each of his hands to work. One hand focused on her clit, gently grasping and playing with it between his fingers. His other hand explored her vaginal opening, slowly working his finger inside and finding his way to her hot button inside.

When he found the right spots, he increased his pleasure and pace to the point where her body clearly responded, and he began working each spot in earnest. It was time for her to explode into a powerful full-body climax.

I deeply enjoyed watching this pleasure session on film. It was so clear that the pleasure was real. The body’s reactions were completely involuntary and so clear.

By the end of this video session, I couldn’t wait to watch the others. This video course was the best source of erotic videos for women that I had found in a long time. And I had so many more to check out!

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