Benefits of yoni massage
Benefits of yoni massage

Why Women Should Explore their Sexuality, and How Benefits of Yoni Massage Can Help

Women en masse are recovering from entire lifetimes of sexual repression. The repression of feminine sexuality has been hard wired into our culture for generations. There are so many subtle and not so subtle messages baked into our culture about women’s bodies and women’s sexuality, it is nearly impossible to grow up with a sense of sexual and bodily sovereignty.

As women, we are raised by a society that tells us that our sexuality is dirty, yet our bodies are pure, and our sexuality should only be offered to a single man who requires our sexual purity. As young girls, we are taught that our sexuality is something to be guarded, and certainly not something that we should engage with on our own. We are trained that our sexuality is for the appreciation of men.

We are trained that our bodies are sacred and pure, and that it is shameful to share our nudity or our natural naked beauty with anyone else. We are taught how to be modest. We are taught that it is our responsibility to hide our sexual appeal, so that men do not lose their control around us.

We are also shamed from exploring our own sexual desire on our own. We are taught that our sexuality exists in order to gratify the sexuality of men. We are constantly told that men are more sexual than we are. We are told that men only want sex, and that is our most valuable asset. We are taught that our sexuality exists for the pleasure of men.

Much of what reinforces this idea is the way that feminine sexuality is utilized by the media. It is treated like a commodity – sex sells, they say. So young women are given the idea that their sexuality is valuable – but only if it is being served up as a commodity for the consumption of someone else.

This is how women come to the conclusion that they must engage with their own sexuality through someone else. Women often discover their own sexuality through a partner in the first place – so much shame is received for simple exploration.

For women in our generation, there is a point of self-exploration in which we realize how limited we have been in the experience of our own sexuality. For women, sexual engagement is rarely approached through what is desired by a woman, and much more often approached through what is desired by a man.

In fact, as a woman, it is quite revolutionary to get in touch with what you authentically desire, especially when it comes to sexuality. Many of us are brought up with such a narrow view of what it means to be sexual as a woman. We are shown the image of the pious woman, who saves her sexuality for the gratification of the man in her life, and the whore – the woman in porn or in the sexual industry who uses her sexuality for profit. It is precisely because women are paid to expose their sexual sides that we are given the impression that feminine sexuality is up for purchase – that it is a commodity and something to be controlled with money.

All of this serves as a way to discourage us from exploring our sexuality in any meaningful way, and I believe that this is one of the main things that stops women from stepping fully into our power.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

Stepping into our sexual desire is a power move, for women. Owning that we are sexual and sensual beings, that we have needs to be met that are both sexual and sensual, is revolutionary and a part of establishing harmony on this planet.

As a human species, we have collectively embodied the acceptance that men are sexual beings – it runs deep in our culture and our human understanding. But we are just catching up, collectively, when it comes to the concept that women are sexual beings, too. Our inclination to be sexual is just as natural. And we are not here to be the guardians of what is supposed to be pure. It is not our job to deny ourselves just so that we can serve another.

When it comes to exploring feminine sexuality, yoni massage can be a really wonderful tool. Yoni massage practitioners are trained to provide pleasure first, and to avoid seeking gratification for self. A yoni massage practice is dedicated to the experience of feminine pleasure and fulfillment. So, if you happen to find someone locally who is dedicated to a healing yoni massage practice, give yourself the gift of the benefits of yoni massage!

Yoni massage is an excellent way to explore the nature of feminine desire. First of all, when are women ever given the chance to bring their own desire to the forefront and make all of the choices when it comes to receiving pleasure? Outside of the kink community, how often are women given the opportunity to drive an intimate interaction based on the fulfillment of their own pleasure?

Across the board, women are given the message that their pleasure is secondary to the gratification of men. We are given the message that our bodies exist to be in service to the pleasure that men desire. We are taught to abandon our own exploration of what feels good to us and what is pleasurable in order to serve the desires of men. We are taught that we are a pleasure vessel.

But what about our own pleasure? Yoni massage sets up the opportunity for a woman to decide what she wants to experience during intimate pleasure, and to have complete control over what will or will not occur during an intimate session. For so many women, that opportunity alone is revolutionary because we are so trained to prioritize masculine fulfillment. As long as a man is satisfied, who cares about a woman’s satisfaction?

The power in this healing opportunity is to stand in the fact that a woman’s pleasure and satisfaction really does matter. The world actually does benefit from a woman getting in touch with what she desires, then finding herself worthy of receiving that desire. So many women are taught that they need to give, give, give self-sacrificially, and balance is to be restored through the act of women simply leaning back and receiving from the masculine.

A simple yoni massage appointment usually involves some deep relaxation techniques – some full body massage to allow for total relaxation. This allows the vagus nerve to activate – which essentially turns a woman’s fully body into a network of pleasure receptors. As women, to experience pleasure, we have to be able to relax to become fully receptive to sensation.

Once a woman’s body is fully relaxed, we are open to receive and experience every tiny little pleasure sensation that is delivered all over the body, in different erogenous zones. Orgasms become so much more pleasurable when a woman is relaxed to the degree that she can access the pleasure that is available to experience in every sensitive place in her body.

A dedicated yoni massage practitioner will be focused solely on achieving the desire and pleasure goals laid out before the beginning of a yoni massage session, so the session itself is a wonderful opportunity for a woman to lay back and enjoy receiving, able to relax into trusting that a yoni massage practitioner will honor all of her boundaries.

The benefits of yoni massage sessions can be an arena in which you as a woman finally get in touch with what you inherently desire – not attached to the desires of a man, but the desires which naturally originate and flow from your body. What do you desire to experience? What is most pleasurable for you?

For many women, a yoni massage appointment is really the first opportunity to deeply explore these questions. It’s the first time that an environment has been created that feels safe enough to explore and experiment. It’s the first time that things feel safe enough to just be able to request what is purely desired.

Beyond basic yoni massage, the opportunity is there to discover and explore all manner of sensual and intimate experiences. The boundaries lie where you decide they should be, and you are able to take up as much space and explore as much territory in each arena as you choose.

Women need free spaces to explore their own bodies and their own desires. They also need a safe space in which to practice communicating with the opposite sex, and receiving pleasure from the opposite sex. Yoni massage therapy offers all of these things rolled into one, and is available to be utilized creatively for all manner of sexual exploration and healing.

Yoni massage is truly a beautiful opportunity for women to get to know their own sexuality and to get in touch with their own authentic sexual desires.


Experience the benefits of yoni massage today!

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