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Yoni Massage Session Example Video

Want to get a little bit of an idea of what a yoni massage might be like for you? This video is an example of one of 100’s of themed massages that you can choose to have done by Rocky Peterson at his Lake City (Seattle) studio. Rocky specializes in providing absolute comfort so that you can relax and be present in your body and sensations. Where most massage is about going through a routine of places to push your muscles around, Rocky first customizes your session to your boundaries and objectives, then with that consent, brings surprise and mystery within your constraints. Rocky’s session is never routine because he is constantly present in what is going on with your body.



Your session will probably not look anything like this.

What makes a yoni massage enthralling is the givers ability to read your body and give it just a little bit less than what it wants. Its not about your genitals. It’s about a yoni massage experience. Close your eyes and let Rocky slowly guide you around your body in ways you always wish that men would comprehend. You will have plenty of time to savor every millimeter of your skin as it is touched with loving purpose and attention. Your session will consist of what your body wants and needs. You will be amazed by how intuitive Rocky is at tantalizing what seems to be just the right place and at just the right time. You will never feel as if there is any form of hurry or goal.

Yoni Massage Videos


We have other videos that you can watch what happens at a yoni massage that are adult and explicit. We don’t show them on this site in hopes of being banned by search engines for too graphic of content. But we show you everything at our sister site, Watchorgasm.events. This is the link to watch our videos.